What is inside my computer?

by whoozhe
May 28, 2003

When asking a question the more pertinent information provided about a computer the more appropriate response will be made.

Just how does one identify what type of computer they have and what bits and pieces are inside it? There are some free utilities that can help.

These system analysis programs can provide all the information anyone would need to identify all the hardware and operating system that sits on their desk or lap.

Some of this information can also help when it comes to updating drivers, memory or other peripherals.

Below is a list of, and links to the download sites, for several excellent, no cost, spyware and adware free system analysis programs.

My favorite is Fresh Diagnos the open source group Fresh Devices:
Check out their other three free utilities as well.

Another is Aida which is more extensive than Fresh Diagnos. You can download one of the their variants from:

The last is Belarc Adviser which again is more extensive the the other two but could be an overkill for the average user. You can download this free utility from:

None of these programs can harm or alter any component or program but can provide you with information that helps with upgrading or finding a solution to a problem.
Some even work on networks.

Editors Note: Aida has been taken over by Everest. The free download is available at Everest