The last 5 years

by whoozhe
January 29, 2006
Back in 2001, I became a member of Help2Go. Things were a little different back then. The XBox was new and a few memorable events took place in the computer world. Intel announced that it will recall its 1.13 GHz Pentium III processors due to a glitch. Users with these processors should contact their vendors for additional information about the recall.

Microsoft announces Windows 95 is now a legacy item and will no longer be sold or shipped to any more customers. Now they are talking the same about XP.

Bill Gates unveils the Xbox on January 7th 2001.

Claude Elwood Shannon, the mathematician who laid the foundation of modern information theory while working at Bell Labs in the 1940s, died on February 24, 2001. He was 85.

March 9: McAfee releases first handheld virus protection software. They never improved on that 1st version.

April 20: Dell computers becomes the largest PC maker and the worst customer supporter.

USB 2.0 is introduced.

The MS Office Clippy finally disappeared.

SATA 1.0 is introduced in August 2001. SATA has only taken 5 years to show up in mainstream systems.

September 6: Hewlett Packard announces plans to buy Compaq.

The BIGGIE. Microsoft Windows XP home and professional editions are released on October 25, 2001.

Osc slept longer hours.