Browse the Web without Advertising

by Oscar Sodani
May 27, 2005

Advertising has taken over the web. Ads are all over web pages, popping up, flashing, blinking, and thoroughly annoying. Even worse, downloading those ads can eat up your Internet bandwidth, a serious consideration for those surfing on a 56K connection.

By using the Adblock extension for Firefox, you can effectively remove all advertisements from the web. It makes surfing SO much more enjoyable, and decidedly faster. Take the plunge with this step-by-step tutorial.

Important addendum: If you are using version 8 of Flash and a version of Firefox prior to 1.5, follow these steps after installing Adblock:
Go to Tools -> AdBlock -> Preferences. Click on Adblock Options and UNCHECK Obj-Tabs.


You can also download a version of this tutorial to play on your own computer whenever you want!
Download the Firefox Adblock tutorial

If you would like to print out this tutorial so that you can keep it as a reference,
Download the Firefox Adblock tutorial in PDF format

Additional tips:

Many folks out there maintain pre-configured Adblock filter lists that block out almost all of the ads you find on the net. This is recommended for ADVANCED users only, as these lists are extremely comprehensive and leave no ad untouched. A popular (and thorough) filter list can be found here: Adblock Filters. Just download the text file with the latest date.

You can import these filter lists by:
- Save the filter list to a text file (.TXT) on your PC.
- Open the Adblock prefs box by clicking on Tools -> Adblock -> Preferences
- Then click on Adblock Options -> Import Filters and choose the text file with the filter list.

Also, please remember that some sites depend on advertising for revenue. If you want to support a web site, leave the ads enabled for that one, or the site may disappear from the 'net. But of course, Help2Go is advertising-free!