Redirecting a Web Page

by SSI Developer
June 3, 2003

This simple guide shows you two ways of redirecting a web page to a different web page.

Method 1::

This first example is useful if you want to inform your visitor that you have moved.

Into the HEAD section of your page type:

And then into the BODY of your document put:

"My_old_web_address" has moved to "My_new_web_address"
If your browser does not automatically redirect you in 5 seconds, click here to go to the new site.

You don't need to display a message and can just redirect quickly by setting the time to zero, but it's polite to inform your visitor! :)

Method 2::

The second example using java script is handy if you have a number of domain names (for whatever reason) but want all names to point to the same domain.

Just add this to the top of your document:

The above code will check if '' is part of the code and if not will immediately redirect to ''

Option 2 is best I think unless you want to actually inform your visitor of the change then option 1 can be a good idea.

This article was originally published by SSI Developer and is reproduced here via the Creative Commons license.