My PC Keeps Asking Me for Photogallery.msi

by Oscar Sodani
December 16, 2005

One of the problems that has come up several times in the forums is this: you turn on your PC and an installation program starts up and asks for a file called photogallery.msi - but it can't find the file no matter what you do. So you have to cancel out of the installation program. Every time you restart Windows, the same box comes up, and it is quite annoying!

This problem is related to the HP Imaging software that came with an HP product. It might be a scanner, printer, camera, or a multi-function printer. Sometimes the software gets screwed up so that it asks for this photogallery.msi file.

One fix that has been discovered for this problem is to place the CD that came with your HP product into the CD-ROM drive before you turn on your PC. When you turn it on, and Windows starts up, the installation program should recognize the CD and automatically find the photogallery.msi file, and the problem will be solved.

HP has also published a fix for this problem on their web site. They recommend that you update Microsoft's MDAC. Click here for more information on their fix.

If this doesn't work, we recommend that you visit HP's support web site and download the latest drivers and imaging software for your product. Then, proceed to uninstall your HP software, reboot, and reinstall it using the files you downloaded.

Another user has reported that "the problem disappears when HP ImageZone (mine was v. 3.5) is uninstalled. Then, a "Minimal" installation of the HP printer software (mine was a Photosmart 8450) will
run without causing Fatal Error 1935. A full installation will cause the Photogallery.msi problem to recur, and also creates a Fatal Error 1935."