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  1. HELP! I don't know what to do...
  2. cllomputer problem(what else)
  3. Lost Address Bar & Sys Integ/Ult Cleaner/Spyware Popups!
  4. System Integrity Scan Wizard Problems also
  5. Constant spyware ads and popups! HJT log help!
  6. Can someone have a quick look at my HJT log please.
  7. Suspicious entries found by Help2Go Detective in Hijack log
  9. Steam........... I figured out the slow boot and shutdown
  10. H i j a c k t h i s has been disabled 2
  11. HJT has been disabled ????
  12. Can Anyone plz check out Hijackthis log
  13. My computer is not surfing on the internet!!!
  14. Back again anti virus says I have 2 new infections
  15. Error Safe
  16. hi could someone help me read this
  17. HJT moved/split from another post (BG)
  18. dialer.trojan srv###[1].exe detected by Norton AntiVirus
  19. System Integrity Scan and other pesky problems
  20. Possible spyware?, popups saying my computer is infected
  21. Possible Hijack? Detective fix didn't fix!
  22. what type of help can we ask for here?
  23. sysprotect popup
  24. windows help
  25. Computer Freezing
  26. suspicious entries
  27. Detective told me to post my log report...
  28. I have a BIG PROBLEM
  29. Google will not load
  30. System Integrity Scan Wizard
  31. Adclicker Trojan and Spyware issues
  32. spyware problem hijack enclosed
  33. Computer running slow, programs responding real slow Option
  34. detective prompted me to post my log
  35. BLinking Hourglass and other irritating symptoms
  36. Help - Hijackthis log
  37. I've got three noname 03-Toolbar's I can't get rid of
  38. how do i remove this trojan Ctfmon.exe ?
  39. Spyware - False Alerts-"Total PC Protection"- Hija
  40. Strange problem
  41. "System Integrity Scan Wizard" Problem
  42. Log to check, Wats with all the Logitech stuff........
  43. Oddity in HJT Log
  44. hijack this list
  45. Spyware Problem - HijackThis log enclosed
  46. uptodateprotection
  47. Will I have to format my PC???
  48. Cproc.exe message, Rundll error, Random IE popups
  49. Help Please - Computer slow
  50. spyware terminator
  51. Suspicious entries - Help2Go detective
  52. annoying Popup
  53. HELP! I think I am beeing spied on!!!
  54. i have "system integrity scan wizard"
  55. Updates For Windows 95, 98 and ME
  56. The PC Detective PRO uninstal
  57. IE provided by EZN
  58. Me vs. Spyware. Little help?
  59. Qoolaid Virus
  60. Ewido renames
  61. spywareguard help
  62. System Integrity Scan Wizard - Help
  63. highjack this log file
  64. Hello folks, I'm back with a case of Trojan.Frogexer!gen
  65. Just a small Logfile:
  66. Not even sure where to start
  67. Detective said I should post
  68. Help2Go Detective Prompt, help requested.
  69. Prompted by Help2Go Detective, Hijackthis Log
  70. Free Panda Internet security suite 2006 for businesses
  71. remote access in the event log
  72. W32/HLLI-MewOrleans-based!Maximus virus...anyone heard of it
  73. Hijack This log, prompted by Detective
  74. Music Match and darn computer
  75. Please help. I don't know what affects my computer.
  76. trojan zlob
  77. Help2Go Detective Suggestion
  78. I think a keylogger, but what do I know, please help !
  79. A log to check, please
  80. A log to check, please
  81. Help with spyware popup
  82. Persistent Spyware popup
  83. Help!
  84. HijackThis Log: Please help Diagnose
  85. Hijack this log...suspicious entries
  86. keyboard virus
  87. SVChost.exe error
  88. Trojan.dropper
  89. It's my Hijack log!
  90. Errorsafe popup problem still continues.
  91. popups, driving m nuts
  92. "Fakealert. Drivecleaner. 2006" and "ad.oinse
  93. Really Slow PC
  94. can you help me clean this up?
  95. help me remove this adware!!!
  96. Alcan Worm! Need help!
  97. Adware.SpySheriff: Can't delete it !!!
  98. highjack this log.
  99. Persistant Popups from PartyPoker, Heavy.com and others.
  100. Does any of this look strange?(hi jack this)
  101. pop up problem
  102. the detective prompted me to do this
  103. Being Hijacked
  104. Please Help I've been hijacked.
  105. Help remove popups - I've tried everything!!
  106. First time post
  107. I've been hijacked!
  108. Spyware,Malware , Trojans, you name it ive got it!!
  109. system integrity scan wizard
  110. explorer.exe has cpu process high
  111. Malicious Software Removal Wizard ... or other wording!!
  112. hijack this report - explorer redirects and popups
  113. Still having issues
  114. virus detected in c:
  115. Pop-Ups
  116. what to do now?
  117. urgent!!!please help me!
  118. Dogpile
  119. HijackThis Log
  120. fake "system integrity scan wizard" & other po
  121. tenmonkey spyware.. undetected with spybot..
  122. Integrity Scan Wizard Popup - Please Help
  123. SVCHost.exe error
  124. HJT log file
  125. Need help with Malware / cproc.exe at start up
  126. Browser Hijack - can get rid of notification icon
  127. hijack log file
  128. Computer virus, programs not functioning
  129. IEXPLORE TAKING OVER need help hijack this provided
  130. Can't access gmail or https:// sites
  131. www.the upto date security.com is my homepage
  132. www.the uptodate security.com is my homepage
  133. unable to connect to microsoft.com
  134. what the hell is fast track & how do i get rid of it?
  136. Trojan infection (i think) coolweb and trojan.dialer.qs prob
  137. laptop very, very slow all of a sudden
  138. Is my computer idfected?
  139. laptop running super slow
  140. Need help with Pest Trap removal
  141. Constant popups/ Spyware ...HijackThis didn't work
  142. keyboard virus ??????
  143. Cannot Login to gmail, yahoo, etc..
  144. ArmorIEreg Is it Spyware?
  145. Spyware problems (System integruity scan wizard)
  146. Removing Swen
  147. Trying to clean up my folks network @ home
  148. slow boot slow shut down bla
  149. Detective told me to post my log for review....
  150. Virus has a taken over my keyboard. Appreciate help!
  151. hijack this log
  152. www.securityuptodate.net Changed to something else?
  153. I have a problem and a question
  155. my system is slowwwwww
  156. integrity scan wizard, malicious software removal -- help
  157. PestPatrol
  158. Panda Scan too powerful.....
  159. Housecall scan, again and again......
  160. HJT Log/Redirect on sites
  162. context menu very slow...
  164. errorsafe removal
  165. I can't load google and gmail..pls help thx a lot!
  166. help
  167. Keyboard Virus
  168. System Scan Wizard pop up and a few other problems
  169. help IE pop ups
  170. system integrity scan wizard help removing
  171. browser hijacker keeps returnig
  172. Trojan/virus Dropper
  173. svchost.exe error - Help please
  174. System Integrity Scan Wizard - please help!!!
  175. Hijack This Logfile - Prompted by Detective
  176. SpybotSD Scan results. Please advise.
  177. newbie with pop ups
  178. Blinking Hourglass....I give up (please help)
  179. HJT scan
  180. web page says "done" but is blank
  181. trojan.popuper trojan....here is hijack file..please help
  182. Horrible spyware/adaware/virus problem
  183. LuCallbackProxy.exe running in my system processes
  184. Zlob/DesktopScam??
  185. Suspicious entries help
  186. SVCHOST problem
  187. hotmail want login,restore not work, ms update norton
  188. Computer May Have Virus Randomly Downloaded Programs
  189. system integrity/spyware removal wizard popups
  190. I have the trojan virus can someone help me
  191. Page Cannot Be Displayed Pop-Up after every link is clicked.
  192. split from another thread
  193. so far, so good with your malware procedure.
  194. Comp Randomly Downloaded and Computer has virus
  195. Windows Auto Update keeps getting turned off
  196. mywebsearch mwsoewon.. can't totally delete them
  197. Smitfraud
  198. Suspicious files in my hijack log...
  199. System Integrity Scan Wizard
  200. Thanks Steamwiz; smitfraudfix log posted here
  201. System Integrity Scan wizard help please
  202. Virus removal help PLEASE!!
  203. System Integrity Scan Wizard
  204. HJT Log
  205. My computer is messed up
  206. stubborn virus/spyware
  207. System Integrity Scan Wizard
  208. system integrity scan wizard - tried everything to get rid
  209. Help with popups please
  210. too many popups - HJT log file
  211. I think I have spyware, programs running or something
  212. Don't understand hijackthis log.
  213. pop ups & hijack this advise to send a hijack list to pe
  214. Virus removed?
  215. Dialer kotu, bgates.exe and trojan.dialer problem
  216. help with popup and hijack please
  217. dialer.kotu and winantiviruspro problems
  218. Housecall crashed 2x; HJT fixes don't stay fixed
  219. dialer.kotu help please
  220. Malicious spyware removal popup
  221. kotu dialer
  222. Got something in my PC
  223. having trouble with computer sluggish and connectivity
  224. Hijack Log help
  225. Help with W32.Spybot.worm
  226. Aussie needs help with Systemdoctor- have tried EVERYTHING!!
  227. cant remove errorsafe
  228. HT Log..Little Brothers done it now!!
  229. Hijack This log...
  230. surfsidekick
  231. spyware removal wizrd, malicious software wizard:please help
  232. please help remove spyware!
  233. Need help with getting rid of Tenmonkey on 2 hard drives
  234. PC slow
  235. Laggy online gaming
  236. I cant view certain websites
  237. Internet Security Add-On and Public Messenger
  238. spyware removal wizrd, malicious software wizard, HYIP!! HEL
  239. please help! Spyware
  241. win antivirus pro
  242. I got rid of viruses/ spyware /hijackers,\
  243. Having problems with internet response and operation
  244. Ewido Auto Download?
  245. hijack log getting popups
  246. new hijackthis and ewido logs
  247. AVG found Trojan horse Downloader.ZLOB.BW
  248. advised to post log by hijack this detective
  249. emails are disappearing from outlook.
  250. Tenmonkey