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  1. hijacked desktop...help please!
  2. Pop Up
  3. I'm getting a 'Can't Find' pop-up after rebooting
  4. Spyware Forums closed until January 3rd
  5. I've Checed the Get Rid of Spyware and still have Problems
  6. Hijackthis log-Help please ?
  7. Been done by spyware and got a bit stuck- P.S guard spyware?
  8. Newbie - please help going mad!!
  9. Receive "Lookin at iexplore" popups even after swi
  10. Continually bombarded by POPups, unable to fix.
  11. Spyware.Look2me
  12. Internet Explorer won't load pages
  13. Can somebody help me please?
  14. spector pro
  15. 'Tenmonkey' pop ups, log included
  16. IE freezes, can't launch any virus scans
  17. Deleting Quarantined Spyware
  18. hijack this log
  19. MSConfig, RegEdit Disappear, Many Viruses
  20. critical registry error pop -ups
  21. Help Remove PurityScan R?gserv32.dll
  22. Check this log please.
  23. "low memory or hard drive space" ERROR when starti
  24. malware morwillsearch.com
  25. IE is laggy and does not open new links
  26. only online in safe mode
  27. got a toolbar and when you save now that cant get rid of
  28. zquest Adware
  29. VX2 popups
  30. hijack this log
  31. i need 2 remove Your Site bar
  32. Hijackthis log w/Activescan log added
  33. PLEASE HELP Log Included
  34. I think I have a virus or spyware!
  35. Hijackthis log
  36. PLEASE - Help with "SeachClick" and other evil thi
  37. PLEASE - Help with
  38. PLEASE - Help with "SearchClick" & "Searc
  39. Server details mysteriously reset!
  40. spyaxe problem
  41. Yikes! Desktop hijack, browser hijack, file system lock
  42. Smitfraud C. Am I infected?
  43. IE home page keeps changing back to http://deluxe-se.com/pr/
  44. Winfixer victim......log included
  45. Winfixer still there after fix? Hijack log
  46. Help with search page hijacker
  47. help!
  48. Help With eZula / Web Offer please
  49. Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware..etc
  50. Problem After Running Spyware Programs! Hijack log included
  51. Possible conflicts between Microsoft AntiSpyware & Spybo
  52. cant get in safe mode
  53. Booting Issues
  54. Unable to Log In
  55. hijack log
  56. file://C:\WINDOWS\warnhp.html
  57. HiJack This log
  58. AOLServiceHost.exe spontaneous generation
  60. Yield Manager/a-d-w-a-r-e/Other popup spyware problems
  61. Help Me KILL Look2Me Please!
  62. Hijack this WILL NOT remove Newdot
  63. IE changes HTTP port after a few minutes
  64. Internet Explorer will not log on to internet
  65. Highjack Log
  66. Browser windows opening all over
  67. CIA watching us?
  68. SSTQR.dll removal
  69. Trojan.vundo Virus HELP!!!
  70. Could somebody help us, please?
  71. Posting as Directed by Detective. My Computer is dying!!
  72. Possible Trojan/Worm in old Win95 box
  73. Possible Spyware-Assistance Greatly Appreciated
  74. Hijackthis log file
  75. New Dot Net problems, am computer newbie, pls help
  76. adwave problems....
  77. TIP: Make Hidden Programs Appear in Add/Remove
  78. Still Ad-pop-ups in Internet Explorer
  79. Help! Unwanted and untriggered pop-ups
  80. Ads/Pop-Ups continue as soon as I launch Internet Explorer
  81. Slow, freezing, items in registry
  82. Help Please! SpyAxe has taken Control?
  83. suspicious entries in log, advised to post it.
  84. Virus found by AVG??
  85. Please Help Compuer infected!
  86. Cant get trendco virus scan to load
  87. Spyware registry help
  88. suspicious files
  89. Major Issue with browser hijacking and pop-ups
  90. when computer turn on danger spyware message comes up in red
  91. Posting as directed by Detective
  92. computer doesn't show explorer is running
  93. No RAV online scan
  94. red circle with white hand inside
  95. hijackthis log downloader acv
  96. Hijack this log file help
  97. HJT log analysis
  98. Sony-BMG Trojan - Virtumonde.O
  99. help me, with hijack log
  100. Internet Explorer encountered a problem....
  101. Winlogon 100% use
  102. slow start up Please look at hijack log.
  103. Panda Scan
  104. Pop-ups that won't go away!
  105. RUNDLL Error, Aim Error
  106. Is my computer infected?
  107. Trojan horse Agent.CL
  108. Need help w/ multiple browser popups/hijacks
  109. Unknown spyware/adware/virus
  110. Help plz: can't sign into secure pages; can't login to MSN..
  111. Couple of quickies
  112. Blinking cursor
  113. So close and yet
  114. Help with Web Nexus Network
  115. No system32 folder?
  116. plzzz help i cant get into my yahoo mail or gmail site
  117. razespyware red screen plz help
  118. Viruswarning trojan horse phqghu.dll
  119. Status code 1073741819
  120. Hijackthis Log -HELP!
  121. help my computer is running slow when it shouldnt be
  122. suspicious entries
  123. Cannot long into yahoo.com or gmail.com
  124. syserrors.com
  125. Task Manager problems =/
  126. I don't think I got everything.
  127. new trojan horse..:S smitfruad.g
  128. Can't log in to gmail or yahoo
  129. suddenly getting pop ups and other problems
  130. Gmail and yahoo mail wont work!!!
  131. Razespyware has infected desktop
  132. HijackThis Log
  133. Computer only goes online in safe mode
  134. port scans
  135. help with tenmonkey.com
  136. Help! Trojan.Vundo virus...hijack this log
  137. Popups and slow computer
  138. Cant Run anything. File Not found. No Admin Rights.= AHHHHH!
  139. Razespyware help!
  140. Pop-Ups and Unders that wont stop! UGH!
  141. computer has strange symptoms
  143. Winlogon.exe takes up CPU
  144. Corrupted download
  145. smerelda - hijack log
  146. Win 98SE slowdown - explorer high cpu usage
  147. spyware
  148. multiple problems , lost and confused . hjt incl.
  149. spyware
  150. Spyware Removal Problem
  151. Mass mail delivery failure notices. (continued) FAO STEAMWIZ
  152. Help with surfya, much appreciated
  153. Razespyware, desktop hijack and more.
  154. i need help with a suspicious file
  155. Please have a peek at this log
  156. restore wont work
  157. still have trojan horse
  158. Question for Steam(or anyone who can answer it)
  159. phqghu.dll Trojan virus, can't remove it!
  160. Mass mail delivery failure notices. HELP PLEASE
  161. Can not permanently remove windupdates.mediaaccess
  162. My HJT Log
  163. Mirar problems and others...
  164. Serious Virus on my laptop! Help anyone??!!
  165. Virtumondo can't get rid of it!
  166. Computer running very slow, help with HJT log please
  167. Ah crap sorry.
  168. HJT log...Just in case...
  169. Open IE music starts
  170. run32dll.com trying to access internet and act as a server
  171. Yes! another lost one
  172. Hey guys, got a lil problem here. Hijackthis post inside :D
  173. thnaLL1z.ex dinst.exe palsp.exe ddierhmhs.exe PROBLEMS
  174. Trojan Horse, winspl32.dll
  175. Need help with virus
  176. Unable to get rid of popups - nasty malware involved
  177. Need Help Removing Keylogger + Virus
  178. Posted by Wantedhelp as article
  179. Please Help GenericDownloader.j and Exploit-ObscuredHtml
  180. To be sure
  181. little help
  182. Detective says post. I will comply.
  183. BT told my mate....
  184. please help system 32 has trojan horse
  185. Pop-ups are killing me!
  186. ewido dosent clear these
  187. suspicious items
  188. hijack this log-chan
  189. Spybot S&D Resident program
  190. my desctop screen has gone blue and in the center is a blak
  191. How can I eliminate Aida virus??
  192. Winfixer2005
  193. Presence of Adware.....
  194. Getting popups... VX2?
  195. google wont show, msn messanger, yahoo cant log in email etc
  196. unable to load any web pages after being online for a while.
  197. Adware.Look2Me
  198. Question on noadware
  199. help me with my computer please?
  200. Viruses and spyware on computer!!
  201. Pop-up problem...
  202. please help, i've tried everything, continued pop-ups
  203. **Porno finder** what is this?
  204. lsass.exe
  205. HJT Log.....
  206. Internet Connection Problem
  207. Virtumonde and Adware.MaxSearch
  208. Can't update Win XP or access RegEdit.
  209. phqghu.dll
  210. phqghu
  211. phqghu.dll
  212. Spyware Apropos and Others
  213. My web search!
  214. Microsoft AntiSpyware Freezes
  215. Help for a friend
  216. Problem with empnads
  217. Computer slow, acts suspiciously, can't spot anything in log
  219. running slow and freezing up,HJT log included
  220. Need help
  221. getting unwanted web pages open every 5 minutes
  222. HJT Help need
  223. PC freezes for 30 seconds every 5 minutes when browser open
  224. phqghu.dll help me???
  225. Help with popups
  226. Adware.Look2Me
  227. CWS.Qttasks
  228. other computer!! kinda woried
  229. HJT Log (after going through steps)
  230. Need help with Trojan Horse Collected.5.L
  231. phqghu.dll norton warning trojan horse denied access
  232. lsass.exe- worm
  233. Inordinately slow XP bootup (if at all)
  234. my highjackthis log, if it helps
  235. My online game is still refusing to start for me :(
  236. my computer game wont connect for me
  237. tenmonkey.com.....Help removing
  238. I have a virus and its name is vundo trojan and it has infec
  239. cannot sign-in Yahoo mail
  240. spyware as a trojan? hijackthis log included.
  241. My HJT log after H2G Detective Please review
  242. cannot log on to gmail
  243. got spyware in registry that i need to get rid of
  244. Virtumondo Removal
  245. Please Double Check...Anything Look Weird?
  246. get rid of freewebs popup!
  248. Hijack this logfile
  249. Hijack this log file HELP
  250. Slow computer & pop ups -- little bro must be messing it