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  1. i think i have been hijacked!!
  2. Still have aurareco.exe and avoeraqmpo.exe after Help Detect
  3. Hijack this log Please Help
  4. suspicious entry ?
  5. Detective found suspicious entries
  6. Suspicious Log Entries
  7. Desktop spyware alert message
  8. H2G Detective and HJT Log
  9. Popups
  10. Cookie problems with hotmail
  11. problems accessing gmail
  12. Steamwiz - ran spybot and all of the trojans are coming back
  13. Tried everything - finally seeking help
  14. Popups, posible browser hijacking, etc.
  15. how to run Panda etc-do I need to do it for each screen name
  16. gmail do not work
  17. Can't get rid of the popups, home page hijacking
  18. Unable to login to Gmail and Yahoo mail
  19. Urgent Help Needed Spyware OVERLOAD
  20. Should I completely erase my hard drive?
  21. SERIOUS virus/spyware/something problem. NEED HELP QUICK!
  22. hijack new version problems back ups Steam
  23. hijack this list
  24. A new problem.
  25. Reboot Problems
  26. search42 - trojan.vundo.b
  27. Should I kill disabled req.dll?
  28. search42.com hijack that wont go away
  29. keeps going to 9ringtone automatically
  30. Virus in the autoexec.bat
  31. Bytever problem
  32. constant pop ups and cant access gmail account
  33. Hijackthis log after search42.com post #62557
  34. search42 removal - fix didn't work
  35. loadingwebsite.com, other popups, random restarts
  36. Search42 hijack Removal (Vundo,Winfixer)
  37. Typing errors can be DEADLY
  38. search42.com pop-ups.
  39. Another (yes, another!) Search42 hijack
  40. search42 hijack
  41. Search42 pop ups
  42. Search42.com hijack
  43. Terrible Lag and sometimes lose of connection
  44. I need to have the spotresults popups removed
  45. terrible lag in computer games......
  46. still getting pop ups after all directions followed
  47. IP address not being set by DHCP
  48. ShopAtHomeSelect Cash Back
  49. Search42.com popup
  50. deal helper
  51. Cannot get rid of reccurring program causing popups
  52. low memory of hard drive space error while using AOL
  53. tried all remedies - need extra help please
  54. just a tip for everyone
  55. Gmail, firefox, secure sites won't load
  56. computer is running slow and skipping
  57. Got whacked by a MSN messenger virus
  58. It just wont go away - re-infestation alert!
  59. Help! Please look at my log and tell me what to do...Please
  60. uncontrollable spyware infestation!
  61. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  62. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  63. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  64. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  65. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  66. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  67. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  68. Pop ups Persist: Detective prompted to create post
  69. Chat Watch 4....Need Help!
  70. Search42.com hijack
  71. re http://103.nowfind.biz/pps.php - Browser Hijack
  72. Has my computer been jacked?
  73. Loadingwebsites.com... I need help! Please?
  74. Need Help! HiJackThis Log included! LookingFor Dialer.
  75. Why would these files have changed?
  76. HiJack This Log file..
  77. Help in ananlyzing hijackthis log
  78. IF YOUR PROBLEM IS SOLVED please read this post.
  79. Getting "CRAZY" Emails : HELP !
  80. Detective says supisious code HJT log
  81. HJT Log cpu 100% cpu temp 143 f
  82. Need Help Removing a Handful of New Spyware
  83. Spyware virus detected - detective instructed this
  84. Can't load http://www.yahoo.com
  85. How does this look and thanks
  86. Aurora/Nail.exe/abetterinternet annoying fu&#&@ing s
  87. Help!, Browser hijacked. HJT logfile
  88. WIN ME IE Problem HJT log
  89. hijack this log please help! - Search42.com hijack
  90. My wifes computer is running slow, slow, slow
  91. HJT LOG HELP!!
  92. New frequent crashes, freezing while booting applications...
  93. Nail.exe + Aurora Strike Again (please help!)
  94. got hit by a ton of viruses somehow
  95. puter crashes three weeks-it is hijacked?, please read log
  96. Need rid fo : http://xadsj.offeroptimizer.com/imp HELP!!
  97. hijack this log please help
  98. Suspicious with no Item suggested...
  99. Help Hijack log.
  100. have LookingFor Dialer, I think
  101. puter slowed! no bad files found.
  102. HJT log-- Detective directed me to post
  103. HijackThis log
  104. need help
  105. Win32Ribdew.A Virus
  106. WINLOGON.exe
  107. E6F1873.dll and stlb2.dll errors when my computer boots up
  108. 103.nowfind.biz and bad favorites
  109. Removing Downloader Y-H trojan
  110. PHIL030113???
  111. slow pc?
  112. deal helper
  113. The Detective prompted me to post this log to be analyzed
  114. Hpnra - What is this?
  115. Unknow problems
  116. Eager-search spyware
  117. Can't get rid of a few nasties!
  118. Q30lsldxJoudresxAaaqpcawXc attached to Image Files
  119. Pls help...Aurora popups...HJT Analyzer log posted
  120. jp80
  121. Can't seem to get rid of pop up.
  122. VX2 and Desktop.exe
  123. Had some suspicious entries in HijackThis...
  124. VX2 infection
  125. Desperate Need of HELP!!!
  126. Detective prompted to send the logs
  127. Detective prompted to send the logs
  128. GMail loading problems
  129. Stealth hijack virus remover link?
  130. my work computer
  131. Just can't Win. Require help please.
  132. how can i get rid of these websites on my address bar?
  133. Elite ElitumBar Spyware Help
  134. Problems loading gmail and a couple extras
  135. The Detective Suggested that I start a new topic here
  136. Need help removing dyfuca and 180 solutions
  137. Browser Hijacker. thebestsex. better that google
  138. Computer hung after spyware removal steps (article 217)
  139. Can't remove the betterinternet adware
  140. Slow computer, pop-ups, dax error, hijack log included
  141. www.loadingwebsite.com and www.spotresults.com popups
  142. nail.exe??
  143. Suspicious Entries In Hijackthis log
  144. dyfuca and 180solutions. My HJT log
  145. Hijacked by hoserserver.net
  146. hijacked
  147. did everything you told me
  149. Can't get rid of Downloader-YH
  150. Still have spyware after running spybot/ad-aware/hijackthis
  151. cannot remove O15 - Trusted Zone: *.finefind.nettraffic2ca
  152. people on page
  153. fixmcvc.sys problem with jvc digicam + xp pro
  154. Laggy Yahoo Loading.. gmail access error..
  155. Trojan
  156. Hijack This log
  157. online programs keep getting errors...
  158. Detective found suspicous entry
  159. Detective recommended I post HJT Log, please HELP
  161. Can Someone plz help me hijack this log
  162. help needed
  163. Need help
  164. Nail.exe or other malware
  165. if anyone cares to help:
  166. WebSearch Toolbar
  167. Computer receives error message and cannot click on anything
  168. hijacked browser, no google or hotmail
  169. :'(
  170. net detective said to post hijack log
  171. IE secure internet site problems (BG)
  172. stalled throbber and hanging web searches..
  173. Spyware galore
  174. Some Java viruses
  175. Apologies to basementgeek, stoney, and steamwiz
  176. "Alwaysupdatednews" the Browser Enhancer from Hell
  177. Tried as much as I know, need more help
  178. spring cleaning. msconfig Q
  179. Oh Mighty Smart guys lend me an ear...or even a hand
  180. All my programs keep closing!
  181. Spyware Detected by Detective
  182. Windows Updates
  183. prompted by detective to post a log
  184. Can't Detete Spyware Permanently
  185. Green links persist after actions - Please look logfile
  186. The Dective found suspicious entries
  187. spyware detected
  188. Please Help About a Pop Up
  189. aspen628
  190. Can't stop kiapmm.exe from loading with HiJack This.
  191. Red Wallpaper Screen of Death
  192. AlwaysUpdatedNews Installation in windows media player
  193. new log
  194. I can't get rid of a satellite dialer
  195. lars posted this to submit article
  196. www.spotresults.com pops up!
  197. computer running very slow and MediaAcck.exe shows
  198. My HijackThis Log
  199. Help with log
  200. Hijack this file
  201. Referred from Detective as suspicious entries found
  202. Green links and popups
  203. Hijackthis log, please
  204. slow computer
  205. Adware and Spyware problems
  206. help i have over 300 viruses
  207. smartsecurity
  208. Spyware help
  209. help with my Log
  210. Hijack This Log
  211. help2go detective said post anotehr log here
  212. what needs fixed?
  213. Explorer. Control Panel, IE take 30seconds to start.
  214. hj log - fixed items keep unfixing
  215. unable to right click on desk top or in explorer.......
  216. I think I found a new type of trojan virus
  217. certain websites (google.com, monster.com) will not open
  218. Just a suspicious notice still coming up in HJTDetective
  219. vx2 infection
  220. Antiviruses disabled, IE doesn't work
  221. Pop Up problems
  222. google, gmail, and yahoo loading problems
  223. Daosearch issues
  224. hj log
  225. Your Detective sent me here because of suspicious entries
  226. Suspicious log entries
  227. Loadingwebsite.com and follow up issues
  228. unwanted web page
  229. Slow Computer... followed the detectuives order...
  230. popup/spyware problem!!!
  231. loadingwebsite.com problem - need help to get rid of it
  232. web pages not working.
  233. Dax Error- 27-march-2005 not a vaild date
  234. Hijackthis Log - Suspicious items found
  235. help computer may be hijacked by keyloggers
  236. hijackthis; "suspicious entries" found.. HELP!!
  237. pop-up/spyware problem
  238. crazywinnings
  239. popup replaces current page and crashes
  240. help! it seems that my computer is hijacked my keylogger
  241. Suspicious files still showing up after HiJackThis
  242. Please advise on suspicious entries - detective prompted me
  243. Suspicious entries help request
  244. unable to delete malware
  245. cannot cennect with IE
  246. Help2Go Detective says "Suspicious"
  247. help with log
  248. Adaware SE 1.5 updates available today
  249. HiJack this log file told to post by detective
  250. can't get rid of these popups