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  1. Click.GiftLoad on my computer(spybot isn't helping) ;-;
  2. hard drive disc error
  3. dodgy log or not
  4. hacktool;win32/keygen keeps popping up
  5. Hijackthis impossible to download
  6. Trojan still there after factory restore
  7. Spyware problem - HJT log
  8. Potential keyloggers, malware, etc.?
  9. Yet another Hijacked Browser Problem
  10. Hijack this Log File
  11. Friends desktop is a bit sick
  12. spyware problem or bigger issue?
  13. click.giftloader and trojan dropper. Website redirecting please help?
  14. Suspicious items identified
  15. Similar Hijacked Browser Problem...
  16. Auto Antivirus Attack
  17. An unidentified program is accessing your computer
  18. Bogus Microsoft Security Alerts
  19. hijackthis log file help
  20. slow computer/too many processes
  21. Don't know what to do...........
  22. hijackthis log file help
  23. Difference between http and https
  24. Virus Total (www.virustotal.com), "file scan" reports: "Win32.TrojanHorse". Advise.
  25. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files, but some not fixable.(sfc /scannow).
  26. system restore does not work cannot reinstall i tunes
  27. I think I have a virus
  28. Need help with Qooqlle, with HijackThis!
  29. Browser redirect bug on XP even in safe mode
  30. Looking for assistance fixing my computer, please.
  31. Malwarebytes found over 800 instances!
  32. XP Security virus
  33. computer is at a standstill
  34. Click.Giftload
  35. Failed To Initialize (0xc0000006)
  36. Click.GiftLoad
  37. Please Help with "Spyware Protection" adware
  38. windows security/malware
  39. Malware?
  40. denied access
  41. Need help with Click.GiftLoad
  42. Hello ... I'm back!
  43. Helping a freind with his laptop
  44. HijackThis Log posting for analysis-plus superanitspyware plus mbam -
  45. Computer Running Slow
  46. Firewall warniing
  47. Antivirus Antispyware 2011 virus - successfully removed, but left a terribly slow lap
  48. iexplorer.exe problem
  49. Hello
  50. Spyware problem , have tried everything in tutorials
  51. S L O W computer hijack this log
  52. very slow opening internet pages...
  53. anybody replace castle cops ?
  54. hijacthis log
  55. Hijackthis log
  56. help!!! computer running very slow took 9 minutes for this window to load?
  57. CRASH!! HijackThis Log + others
  58. Keep getting redirected to random sites...
  59. malware calling itself "Win 7 security" cripples system...
  60. coiub.exe
  61. i think i have a virus
  62. suspicious files
  63. Computer keeps freezing up and shutting down
  64. java/class loader.ah virus detected and i cannot access internet dns error
  65. Friend's laptop has 'sytem tool' virus
  66. Anti-Malware Doctor
  67. Anti spyware/malware etc recommendations
  68. computer lags when playing online video game -- hijack log
  69. "My Computer" (C:\, D:\ ) Drives State That I Have Spyware/Malware
  70. Trojan Hiloti, out of hand... computer goes crazy unless in safemode.
  71. please analyise
  72. hijack this log 1/18/2011 help needed
  73. freeze.com redirecting webpages
  74. Rogue Antivirus takeover
  75. Threat still in system
  76. Urgent need help pls
  77. About:blank & redirect issue
  78. Internet Explorer compromised by search redirect of unknown virus or malware
  79. Hijack this log help please
  80. Internet Security 2011 and redirecting to non desired websites
  81. Computer Freezing all the time :S
  82. EXP/CVE-2010-2568.B virus
  83. hj this log
  84. plz help trojan/virus malware ?
  85. Website redirected!!
  86. Prompt by Detective.
  87. Trojan - Redirected here from Computer Help
  88. browser window flashes periodically, seem to redirect to different pages quite a bit
  89. how to get rid of pup.playsushi
  90. Spyware/Malware problem
  91. My files to be checked Please
  92. Logs Checked
  93. Malware, Adware, Trojan?
  94. Help me, tablet app in control panel won't run
  95. Super Antispyware - Rogue.Pallidium
  96. Slowed down - malware, keystroker installed? - MSE1 down. Expereinced user stumped...
  97. Log needs checked...
  98. check logs
  99. PDM.Keylogger
  100. Please check this log
  101. please check my log
  102. Need help please
  103. Computer is EXTREMELY Slow
  104. possible malware/spyware/?
  105. Cant remove malicious malware - AntiVirus 2010 virus
  106. Help with these logs. All three are here. My system is so slow.Thank you.
  107. hijack this log
  108. Browser being redirected.
  109. My computer is constantly freezing up and I have to hard boot it
  110. My browser is being hijacked
  111. Win32/Nugel.E
  112. Strange problem within
  113. Can't remove Trojan Virus
  114. Very Bad Virus-Can't run MalwareBytes, Superantispyware, or Hijack This
  115. Computer infected with ANTIVIRUS ACTION
  116. ESET warning - I think its a virus opening multiple browsers non-stop
  117. software
  118. Malwarebytes Version 1.50 will not update
  119. Sent from computer help
  120. Suspect Trojan, SynFlood to outbound IP port 445
  121. Hacker?
  122. Trojan
  123. Spyware/Virus HELP
  124. Ugly Spyware/Virus - Need assistance / can not download items to scan
  125. White smoke translator problem
  126. Sticky Notes startup entry keeps reappearing even after i delete it!
  127. Computer acting strangely.
  128. Ransomware has ENCODED my files...help
  129. Suspicious entries on my Hijack this log so I was told to post here.
  130. Computer runs slowly- HJT Log attached
  131. dont have a clue on wat to do
  132. Avira Identified Trojan
  133. Hijacked browser...URL crj71ki813ck.com
  134. No network access after Fake AV situation
  135. Help2Go dective found suspicious entries but text for those entries does not show
  136. I've been Hijacked--Again!
  137. Please help! When I turn on my computer it has no icons on the desktop!
  138. HiJackThis Log (suspicious entries)
  139. Used Hijackthis for a redirect virus-please help!
  140. can anyone please help me malware?
  141. Host Files have been hijacked for almost a year and things are getting worse
  142. Garbage On Screen
  143. AntiSpyware, Malware, HijackThis.....keep shutting down after the scan begins.
  144. help
  145. Need help - computer keeps locking up & restarting, won't let some programs work
  146. tired of trayapp msi
  147. hijackthis log hoping to remove 'security tool" malware
  148. System Hijack / Cant Surf the Web
  149. low speed connection
  150. Backdoor trojans
  151. Computer crashed a few weeks ago, now its not the same..
  152. Windows Update not working and RUNDLL Error
  153. One user on computer won't work?
  154. Browser hijacked
  155. hijacking is getting annoying!
  156. computer disconnects/reconnects
  157. Please take a look at my log,my laptop has become very slow
  158. I am receiving unwanted bulk emails in my outlook email . Also, my computer is slow.
  159. Virus?
  160. Do I have Spyware or Malware secretly
  161. Firefox popups, Chrome doesn't work - Malware?
  162. HijacThis Suspicious Entries
  163. Ramint on PC
  164. Skolewcho.com and crj71ki813ck.com keeps crashing wen browser!
  165. AntiSpyware, Malware, HijackThis.....keep shutting down after the scan begins.....???
  166. HyjackThis scan results
  167. Pop ups, slow computer.. scanned without anything showing up
  168. Pop ups, slow computer.. scanned without anything showing up
  169. Similar issues, browsers and internet slowed (spyware?malware?) but comp works
  170. rundll32 keeps opening and crashing
  171. Unwanted accessing of skolewcho.com and crj71ki813ck.com
  172. hijackthis log's size * 3 in 2 month
  173. SMC.exe error
  174. windows really stuggling am I infected with spyware
  175. shift key execute random things.
  176. kids wow acc keeps getting hacked
  177. HijackThis log: Someone hacking into my computer / network ?
  178. Possible Virus????
  179. IE hangs, crashes, automatically opens up Pop-up windows, Please help me!
  180. Old version of HT
  181. INFECTED! :| Malwarebytes Log Posted
  182. possible virus on Outlook 2007?
  183. Cannot open AVG due to restrictions
  184. Hijack this and other logs for virus spyware issue
  185. Any more Improvements in speed?
  186. Problems with Internet Explorer & Windows XP - Keep getting error messages
  187. Ramnit 32 virus taken over computer.
  188. Suspicious entries d processes
  189. spyware problem, can only boot into safe mode
  190. Hijackthis log
  191. Completed steps posted Hijackthis logfile cannot connect to internet.
  192. Spyware attack-Yahoo Messenger problems etc.
  193. unknown file in winsock LSP
  194. unknown file in windsock LSD
  195. Help with the Hijackthis log please
  196. Help with this possible suspicious hijack this log..
  197. Spyware ? Calleed "Security Tool" has taken over my PC
  198. SuperAntispyware log
  199. Windows XP Desktop remains Blue
  200. please help with Hijackthis log file
  201. Conflicting Messages about potential Malware
  202. slow internet problem
  203. Suspicious Enteries HijackThis Log
  204. Odd proxy settings and rerouted to other sites
  205. Internet exploer is opening by itself.
  206. Fake Antivirus Flagged by Stopzilla
  207. Suspicious Log Entries flagged by Detective
  208. Trojan
  209. Am i being key-logged ?
  210. Spyware/Malware Removal Assistance Request
  211. Suspicious entries in HiJackThis log
  212. Still dealing with pesky spyware...assistance please?
  213. MUST be something wrong
  214. Help Please, Redirects on both Firefox and Explorer..DRIVING ME CRAZY!!
  215. Just can't get rid of it.
  216. sluggish system, excessive CPU usage, low fps in game
  217. My PC infected by Antispy Safeguard - Please help me remove the malware items! Thanks
  218. Hijack This Log
  219. Help2Go Detective says Suspicious
  220. additional url searchooks
  221. Suspicious HiJack This Log Ran all programs PLEASE take a look
  222. there's some kinda virus on my computer. all scans are takeing days to run.
  223. Computer freezes when I boot up??
  224. Have tried everything from CCleaner to Hijack cleaner, it keeps getting worse
  225. WDSmartWare.exe
  226. IE, Firefox & Chrome redirecting - help!
  227. Browser: Server not found. Redirect
  228. log file malware and spyware
  229. Hotmail address book hijack
  230. Help2Go detective says i have suspicious files
  231. HiJack This Log . Need help for spyware PLZ
  232. Hijack This log
  233. Hijackthis log
  234. help about this problem with trojans please
  235. Need some help!
  236. Security Tool problem, please please help!
  237. Please Help!!
  238. Hey guys I have been infected and I am not sure with what!
  239. i have virus,s and malware.
  240. Troajan Byteverify... Please Help
  241. Performance spikes in windows task manager causes distortion on sound?
  242. HijackThis log *Thank you*
  243. Hijack this help please
  244. Malware I think, I have log
  245. Try again....(again)
  246. Help with suspicious items please !!!
  247. Hijack this log Help
  248. L J K HijackThis log file
  249. Logfile Diagnosis please. Comp. Help Thread Help! Unable to install updates for 8..
  250. Infected withDesktopLayer.exe