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  1. I've been Hijacked!!!!..............PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  2. HijackThis, Superantispayware and malwarebytes log
  3. Odd HiJackThis results- Need guidance on how to proceed-"Unknown file in Winsock LSP"
  4. Hijack this and malwarebytes logs
  5. system seems to be hijacjked
  6. internet search results redirected help
  7. Smitfraud-c.gp ... and reformatting
  8. Highjack This Log - Please Help
  9. Hijack file
  10. Suspicious items in Hijackthis log, help please
  11. about:blank problem with my computer
  12. Black screen and nothing opens
  13. Ran the recommended programs, still have a prob with redirects
  14. Computer really slow
  15. Dropper Gen help
  16. my security shield
  17. Internet Explorer Issues
  18. AppName firefox.exe.
  19. Google redirecting
  20. I would like to ask...
  21. (almost) None of my programs will execute
  22. New to all of this and need some help...
  23. Please help in making my system secure !
  24. Help2Go Detective: suspicious entries have been found in your log!
  25. Google redirecting to unwanted web pages
  26. Hi All, I May Have A Keylogger!
  27. computer shut down on it's own
  28. hijack this report of my system
  29. rootkit, is it really gone?
  30. Have I been attacked?
  31. Win 32dropper gen, Downloader EFU, and hilot
  32. I Think I've Been Hijacked
  33. Google seems to be hijacked
  34. Bad search results with Google, Bing, etc. ... copies of logs included
  35. Hijack This log-
  36. Win7 Rundll32.exe---> No internet connection, slow computer
  37. The pc becomes crazy for a moments
  38. Please help me with my browser hijacker... life is miserable!
  39. Can't remove items found by SAS.....bigger problem??
  40. HijackThis Laptop Log
  41. Suspicious entries have been found
  42. Hijackthis log file
  43. 3 instances of iexplore.exe in task manager but i didn't open that
  44. Redirect of search links from Google
  45. Worm or trojan problem
  46. What have my kids been doing?
  47. Just need help - slow internet connection
  48. Google Redirect
  49. verifica dei file trovati nella scansione che rallentano pc
  50. Help! Browser redirecting, unable to update Windows or do System Restore
  51. tr dropper problem
  52. Computer infected...can't run some programs
  53. Computer sluggish, with skipping sound and video
  54. Help with iExplore.exe Virus Needed
  55. Let's try again
  56. Need help
  57. Help! Here is my LOG
  58. Google redirects my sites, sound cuts off, desk top changes color
  59. Spyware Problem - Multiple ieexplorer.exe In Process List When IE8 Not Running.
  60. Spyware virus and Trojan Virus
  61. google results hijacked
  62. File part of , "W32/Rbot-UG network worm". ("WMSvc.exe"). Advise!
  63. Virus that won't let you run your Anti-virus and re-directs antivirus downloads
  64. cant remove av security suite
  65. Windows XP Will Not Open from Account Name
  66. Browser redirecting, can't update after AV security slammed me.
  67. iexplorer.exe problems
  68. Infected wuauclt.exe
  69. Startup taking long, possible spyware or malware??
  70. Hijack this log
  71. I can't get rid of this svchosty.exe in my start up.......Can someone help me?
  72. Windows Vista takes 10 minues to boot
  73. "file wuauclt.exe is infected" message, XXX pop-ups, and I can't run help software
  74. Google redirection issues -- looking for help
  75. HiJack This Log
  76. i think i have spyware and maybe a virus !
  77. please help
  78. Problems with Updates and Detecting attached hardware
  79. I may have possible spyware on my computer
  80. pcpitstop.com scan stated I had a, "Trojan- 'IconDrop' - (a Dropper), present.
  81. Constant "Bloodhound PDF 21" virus pop ups from anti virus, suspicions HijackThis log
  82. HijackThis Log -- (Problems connecting to the internet)
  83. hijack this log
  84. Hijeck This
  85. Hijacked sites, searches, etc.
  86. slow laptop
  87. slow laptop
  88. no internet access for one user
  89. Need help with Windows 7 64bit issues - HiJackThi
  90. Question
  91. Help
  92. HijackThis help
  93. Error message when I run HijackThis first time to create 1-st log! help plz!
  94. Websites Hijacked
  95. Rundllerror
  96. Internet Explorer 8 issues Please look at this Hijackthis log!
  97. think i have virus..others scans showing daily adware possible worm?
  98. how do I get rid of AV security suite virus?
  99. No wireless access
  100. Suspicious Entries in log.
  101. hijackthis, malwarebytes, superantispyware logs
  102. Hijack log
  103. hijackthis log
  104. No Administrator Privileges On My XP User Account - They Disappeared
  105. Need Help with Hijack This Log
  106. System memory running low, 3 instances of IExplore .exe in the taskmanager
  107. very slow computer - HJT log included
  108. Please help
  109. hijack this log---please help!
  110. Help with spyware/Trojans-Logs attached.
  111. Spyware/Virus Help [Includes the Logs of the Necessary Program Scans]
  112. Help with hijack this log
  113. PDM.Keylogger
  114. MAJOR browser hijacker
  115. Hijack log
  116. Help having a debugger message program and possible spyware i think maybe a virus...
  117. Problem with browser hijacker_ please help
  118. help needed hijack this log
  119. Annoying spyware, replaces names of critical files and posts adverts. Logs inside
  120. Command prompt, notepad, paint, task manager, and regedit aren't working. w/ logs
  121. Need help with Trojan Removal. Highjackthis, SuperAntiSpywear & Malewarebyte logs inc
  122. Help Needed
  123. Possible spyware...hijack log included
  124. Having problems with "anti-piracy" warning and dns redirects..logs attached
  125. Help please!!!
  126. 20+ trojans thread missing.
  127. This started running multiple dns in i think hex. On my yahoo account.
  128. Spyware/Malware Problem. Chrome and IE do not work. Cannot update Windows XP.
  129. random system issues
  130. Rootkit-Pakes.AA and many others
  131. Google Chrome Dead! IE works but with popups I did not authorize
  132. Spyware Help - Windows Security Tool
  133. my laptop got a virus, i restarted my comp and it goes straight to a black screen.
  134. Need help with Hijack this log!!
  135. Can't log on to Windows account after running SuperAntiSpyware
  136. Redirects and pop up problems
  137. Seeking Expert Help - Trojans Detected! (AntiVir - Malwarebytes - HJT Log/s Posted)
  138. malware or spamware problem
  139. Unknown antivirus software pops up
  140. Trojan.dropper/svchost-fake virus/malware?
  141. Can someone take a look at this?
  142. Google Redirect Virus and possible other issues.
  143. Persistent Antivirus 2010, unable to remove
  144. Popups from IdManaged Solutions
  145. computer shut down on it's own.
  146. Calling JohnB151
  147. Suspicious?
  148. computer running slow or not at all
  149. Desktop Security 2010
  150. Is PC tools free antivirus enough?
  151. My system often run at 100% CPU usage.
  152. Panda Global Scan log
  153. Browser hijacked? HJT Log attached.
  154. HTJ log, Antivirus 2010 HELP!! =)
  155. IE freezes up alot
  156. virus attached to AVG anti-virus
  157. cim.meebo links in my browser history
  158. wuauclt.exe attack. Immediate virus attack, hijack this won't run - infected
  159. Abnormal behavior, HijakckThis log file included.
  160. Cannot start services, no audio.. May be infected with hidden virus/spyware/trojan...
  161. rogue xp antispyagent
  162. wow account hijacked
  163. hijack log + infected with that fake malware doctor thing. not sure how
  164. Need help with spyware infection Rar.exe and cmd.exe
  165. Spring Cleaning -My HijackThis log!
  166. Spyware / IE Redirect Issue
  167. Need help uninstalling foxit toolbar
  168. Need help with spyware infection
  169. Fontview.exe
  170. XP security 2010 + Google Search redirect....... LOGS
  171. Spyware/virus help
  172. Can anyone help me out with these log files?
  173. first time use. don't know what to do with the scan log from hijack this? Help
  174. Please help me understand this log
  175. atdmt.com
  176. Trojan detected in temp file
  177. Massive popups/system slow down - PLEASE HELP
  178. EasyFix Tools
  179. suspicious files found in hijack log... plz help...
  180. Rogue Secuity Program keeps reinstalling
  181. 20+ trojans detected!
  182. Virus/Malware/Adware/Etc
  183. I have a highjackthis log file i could sure use help with please.
  184. Results
  185. Everything Gets Redirected
  186. Hijack log for analysis
  187. Posting my Hijack log for analysis
  188. Infected with Security Center malware, posting logs
  189. Computer issues - possibly related to malware?
  190. i cant download anything
  191. Trojan removed but can access nothing now!
  192. Prelim. steps complete-Here's the HJT log-what's next?
  193. NOTHING responding on my machine...NOTHING
  194. asked to post for examining..thanks, kj
  195. Securitytool rogue program
  196. Looking for a Little Help With My Hijack This Log File after Scan
  197. Odd email being sent automatically
  198. lots of pop ups
  199. Need help with possible trojan or hack
  200. IE 8 Hijacker Help
  201. My internet browser is regularly hijacked by some random commercial websites
  202. HiJackThis log, just to be on the safe side!
  203. Security Center / Rerouted Search Results......Help Needed.
  204. freezing during start
  205. super slow internet, posting hijackthis log.
  206. Virus or Spyware suspicion
  207. Sending my Hijack Log for analysis
  208. Hotebar.com
  209. Recurring problem.. something unknown is inside..
  210. Computer freezes anytime between powering up and loging in
  211. kuhihihu dll
  212. Infected!!! HJT Log Posted. Awaiting Experts Instructions.
  213. Scan Loop
  214. Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Dropper.Gen [trojan]'
  215. virus
  216. Here are my 3 logs, if someone can possibly help me. Thank you
  217. internet cannot display the web page
  218. hijackthis entry
  219. Help with a HJT Evaluation
  220. computer running slow and shutting down
  221. Malware Changing Google Search Results, Specifically Antivirus 2009 Please Help!
  222. Malware Changing Google Search Results, Specifically Antivirus 2009 Please Help!
  223. virusoncomputer-tried many things-I have a hijacklog
  224. Mozilla Firefox Redirected and acting weird.
  225. Spyware found on my computer
  226. Hijack This Log
  227. ongoing problem possible malware (+HJTlog)
  228. Not able to complete logon
  229. Performance and shutdown problems
  231. Explorer Message Box when computer restarts and various other issues
  232. Question about microsoft security essentials
  233. Computer is running slow
  234. Incorrigable Spyware Security problem on Home PC
  235. Some thing is stealing my hard drive space
  236. PC takes nearly 10 mins to boot up
  237. Still Getting Redirects
  238. Slow Computer
  239. Removed fake antivirus but now Explorer wont work
  240. googel chrome wont load pages, altho ie and ff will
  241. infected computer
  242. malicious spyware infection
  243. Suspected Trojan? HJT Log Posted! Please Advise!
  244. Hijackthis scan - please advise
  245. Very slow start up and shutdown
  246. Trend Micro Hijack This V2.0.2 log ~ now what?
  247. Antivir
  248. Running slow again
  249. After scans something is still infecting!
  250. TR/Dropper.Gen Detected! Removal Solutions?