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  1. Slow computer, is it malware?
  2. It must be malware?
  3. UAC - User Account Command Issue
  4. Slow computer - HiJackThis said to Post
  5. Very slow computer that freezes
  6. progrms stop responding, have to use button to shut off computer nd restart
  7. zeus virus
  8. Malicious inside hijackthis
  9. Suspicious entries have been found in my log. Please help!
  10. could some read my hijackthis report please
  11. Hello, I need some help
  12. Computer won't go online - found a trojan and destroyed it
  13. Malware?
  14. My laptop has an i7 processor. Why is it so slow?
  15. I suspect I have malware
  16. Windows 10 liscense corrupted
  17. Chrome is getting redirected a lot
  18. Windows Defender removing Trojan
  19. Logs Included - Thanks in Advance
  20. Firefox patch
  21. HJT Evaluation
  22. Nemucod?
  23. Hijacked! help Please
  24. HijackThis File Suspicious per Detective
  25. Investigating my computer for malware after fraudulent use of my debit card
  26. High level Threat
  27. Need to Troubleshoot my old Dell XP desktop
  28. Computer slow
  29. problems on computer. have all loogs
  30. Wireless adapter and firefox keep crashing
  31. FRST.text Addition.TXT
  32. Help please!/Adware log file/
  33. Computer Infected
  34. Computer seems slow
  35. Checking my HJT for issues
  36. Is my computer clean now?
  37. problem with Content.IE5 file
  38. zep, have the log saved from Malware
  39. AV help
  40. clean programs slowing laptop
  41. my skype always lock
  42. Slow PC - wondering what the issue might be
  43. Computer full to the brim. Help!
  44. HP Laptop Infected
  45. Recent Victim of "Fake Microsoft" Phishing Scam- Is PC Malware-Free?
  46. May be infected
  47. Malware I think
  48. Internet Freezes and stalls when browser opens
  49. Bad Image popup error
  50. Need advice regarding removing malware.
  51. DesktopGames virus
  52. Microsoft Edge Virus warning
  53. Log Analize PLZ.
  54. Would Appreciate your help cleaning nasty stuff from my computer.
  55. What to do having this hijackthis log?
  56. hjt says still suspicous files
  57. Suspected Tracking Malware (HJT/Superanti/Malwarebytes Logs)
  58. suspected malware
  59. System Restore to an earlier date.........
  60. My Laptop has new pop up adds and brower randomly opens to unsolicited web pages
  61. laptop is very slow
  62. FBI virus page
  63. my computer is very slow and freezes up a lot , also the hard drive revs up .
  64. Please check, PC very slow
  65. log files for checking please
  66. Cryptowall 3.0 cleanup
  67. windows explorer
  68. I think I have a virus...
  69. Is it a virus?
  70. Help Please Malware / Adware / Spyware & Everythingyoucanthinkofware
  71. Help with Malware Problem - Logs Attached
  72. Spyware disabled the touchpad
  73. There must be something wrong... cannot install chrome and Opera is "not responding"
  74. Browser Pops and very slow, Malware wont go away
  75. need help with browser redirects and just an overall snail of a system
  76. Malware detected. Scans constantly finding threats. Help! Super + Malware + HJT logs
  77. Detective found suspicious entries
  78. Something using internet PC 2
  79. Something using internet, has used over 200gb in a few days
  80. Danita's thread
  81. adfarm.mediaplex.com
  82. Computer is slowing down
  83. Computer running slow and won't D/L updates etc
  84. Computer freezes constantly
  85. Computer has become slow, especially 'My Computer' (explorere.exe).
  86. Cannot find logs
  87. I am just lost !
  88. C:\ProgramData\rs\drsetup.exe
  89. problem with malwarebyte program
  90. Virus problems... thanks for looking
  91. Advanced System Care (ASC) Bad Site?
  92. Spyware Help - How to Start Removing Viruses and Spyware from your Computer
  93. Johnt
  94. Hijack this Log file from Help2go detective
  95. gstatic.com?
  96. Possible spyware
  97. Help with about blank problem and more
  98. Having trouble with about:blank hijacker, please analyze my HijackThis log!
  99. Please analyze my HijackThis log report!
  100. McAfee and MalwareBytes cannot run/blocked...software restriction policy???
  101. Malwarebytes ERROR - Spyware found on daily scans (Anti + HJT Logs includ.)
  102. Keep getting this warning from AVAST
  103. slow computer
  104. Modem stops working after 10 - 20 minutes whn using my laptop.
  105. Driver support software Malware uninstallation problems.
  106. Can't uninstall google chrome
  107. Dell Pavilion dv4 has been hijacked
  108. HiJack This log
  109. IE tabs go blank and stop responding
  110. Puter running slow
  111. Indelible advertising!
  112. malwarebyte keeps finding PUP.Optional.Conduit.A even after it's quarantined
  113. Computer shuts off suspect virus
  114. Computer running slow - online is slow - also locks.
  115. Girlfriends computer 2
  116. Girlfriend's computer sick
  117. yahoo hijacked my homepage and hijack this log said there were suspicious entries
  118. I am having stubborn browser hijacking problems
  119. cannot reply to thread
  120. advised to post mfrom HJT submission
  121. Can't always find networks after running SuperAnti & MalewareBytes...
  122. My logs thankyou for your time
  123. Help with Connecting to the
  124. 100% cpu, poor video streaming: youtube and netflix, lagging when browser is open.
  125. log in user
  126. Help
  127. Sendori detected by Superantispyware but it shows nowhere
  128. hopefully quick one?
  129. I think I have a bot in computer
  130. Avast/Firefox v28/Skype : URL:Mal
  131. Radioware
  132. suspicious entries in hijack this
  133. Clean me up Scotty
  134. computer very slow, programs don't respond, help, please!
  135. avast keeps repeting same16 threats, music plays auto, things running in background
  136. friendschecker virus
  137. Boot-up takes forever
  138. HiJackThis Win 8
  139. Internet explorer constantly crashes
  140. I think I have Malware? (getting pop ups)
  141. Spyware?
  142. I think I have Malware
  143. Cant shake Adware
  144. spyware scanners crash my PC
  145. Helping Cleaning up Computer needed...thx!
  146. Detected threats
  147. how do i remove bettersurf?
  148. Virus that changes file folders into executables.
  149. Laptop will not download more than 1.7 MB of a file. Frequent popups Clean Virus Scan
  150. computer has slowed to a rediculous speed
  151. virus stuffs
  152. Computer slowing down
  153. Taskbar and desktop icons delay in loading, auto updates keeps re-enabling
  154. Aartemis
  155. SpiralOrbit recomended download
  156. Trojan picked up during Superantispyware scan
  157. my computer is very slow
  158. My Browser was hacked with a re-director or hijacker.....
  159. Windows Warding Module
  160. trojan virus that avast doesn't pick up to remove
  161. wisersearch.com
  162. Checkup Desktop - OTL.txt log
  163. Very slow computer and can't install a windows update.
  164. your detective told me my hijack this log showed some problems & needed to be posted
  165. Error Code 0x80070424 with Windows Firewall, Defender in Windows 7
  166. Laptop has started running very slow
  167. PC running slow and IE8 keeps opening by itself.
  168. Can't get rid of MixiDJ virus!!
  169. Super slow laptop
  170. Windows Vista Updating and Problems
  171. cpu usage reach 100%
  172. Computer With Virus's Trying To Get It Up And Running Properly
  173. umediaplayer popups with general browser sluggishness
  174. Random windows open in browser
  175. Insidious Imesha popups..can't open close or shut down anything with this popup..
  176. theirs a bug somewhere!!!
  177. Can't get rid of it??
  178. Windows 7 gadget worries
  179. Got recommendation to post log files in help2go detective, so here they are:
  180. S AntiSpyware does not run - HJT
  181. Pop ups and and random websites appearing
  182. crash blue screen
  183. Suspicious Entries Found - Please Help
  184. win32.downloader.gen & Fraud.hotspotshield
  185. Malware/spyware detected and possible virus infection, expert help needed!?!
  186. qualified online log analyzer
  187. Windows 7 Update Service Not Working
  188. Can't get online to do the downloads
  189. qvo6 browser hijack wont go away
  190. can't get rid of pum.disabled.securitycenter
  191. Windows 7 Admin and User...are virus protection and cleaners used on both?
  192. PC has a lot of pop ups and slow
  193. Multiple computer issues & a possible virus
  194. hijacked by malware
  195. Suspicious entries
  196. Avast! will not be able to protect mail/news (error 10050) + Not able to go Online
  197. Unknown file in Winsock LSP (Hijackthis log)
  198. need help to analyze the reports and clean pc
  199. Google Chrome keeps crashing on start up! (HJT + Super + Anti-malware logs included)
  200. Internet security 2013
  201. filled with visuses & spyware - broswer & boot problems
  202. Problems with firefox and Gmail
  203. runDll errors
  204. Annoying popups and slowness.
  205. Computer Slow
  206. Finished the required scans, logs below
  207. I think computer is infected and cursor spins all the time as if something is running
  208. Question R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
  209. Computer very bogged down, seems to be infected
  210. SCVHOST.EXE: too much RAM usage... please help! (IT)
  211. Intermittent Problems
  212. Do I have any issues?
  213. Virus outsmarts anti virus software, HELP !
  214. i think i mite be keylogged help please
  215. Hijack this
  216. Computer refuses to restart properly again and I think it may still be infected
  217. cannot access my online banking
  218. NvUpdatusUsr continually reinstalled
  219. Active x controls
  220. Help with Trojans please
  221. Computer running slow, jerky, pages take forever to open. Please help!
  222. 'Full disk fighter'
  223. HJT log - suspicious entries and upmedia community toolbar
  224. Possible Virus/Trojan/Browser HiJacker or all of the above....
  225. My CPU is running at 100% constantly
  226. Possible virus
  227. Missing reply
  228. IDP.Trojan.5E976F8B and IE 8 Windows ReOpening
  229. My IE 9 gets "stuck"....
  230. Unwanted Spam
  231. Help Please everytime I scan the computer with Malwarebytes I get the same results
  232. Program/Browser Loading Problems
  233. DDS File- Again no Pop-up Instructions
  234. Spyware Help/ Hijackthis.log
  235. Laptop slow and wont reconnect to the internet after hibernation
  236. How to clean errors from computer
  237. Spyware Help forum was closed for the holidays - now open!
  238. Rivalgaming.com virus
  239. odd thing appearing onscreen
  240. I do believe I have a virus.
  241. Suspected Malware / Virus, Computers slow! + (HJT x SUPERAnti x Malwarebytes log/s)
  242. Malware
  243. Fixing work computer...found some weird registry entries
  244. internet freezes
  245. computer slow to boot, adware causing this?
  246. adaware probs
  247. Ghost usage
  248. Windows Frozen unless in safe mode
  249. Ilivid redirection?
  250. Laptop running slow