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1Password now available (free) for Windows

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, 04-25-2010 at 05:08 PM (6779 Views)
1Password is a piece of software that changed my life. I had heard it mentioned and raved about many times before I became a Mac user, and when I made the switch I purchased it. Simply put, it is a beautiful piece of software that seamlessly manages all of your passwords, with very little effort on your part.

It integrates perfectly with all of your web browsers, so that it is proactive about helping you manage your accounts. Safe and secure, I recently bought a "family" license so that I can put it on my wife's computer as well.

And now, Windows users finally get a chance to use this excellent utility:

Installing 1Password for Windows

I highly recommend that all computer users give it a try. It's much more polished and stable than the open source alternative (KeePass) that I have recommended in the past. This utility is well worth the price.
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  1. maleon's Avatar
    Purchased this app though Tutu helper app store bought a new phone and now I can't sign in. It asks for sign in address, and secret code. Nothing works! I need my damn passwords! Says we should have backed up passwords. What's the point of paying for this if it should be easy to recover my passwords. Plus it NEVER stated to backup info in flash drive or cloud. Can I getsome freaking help regarding this? Plus you should have a phone number so we can contact customer service instead of using Twitter or e-mail.
  2. maitrishah's Avatar
    Pretty Good !For dial-up or slow connections, the difference will be noticeable visa
  3. jason007's Avatar
    Nice one ...I would also want to get this paypal money generator .Thanks a lot.