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Diaspora: Open Distributed Facebook Competitor

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, 05-12-2010 at 09:05 AM (6911 Views)
I hope these guys make it! It's against all odds, but hopefully if there is enough press and people start moving, maybe they can get some momentum. Vaporware for now but here's hoping

About New York - Creating a Network Like Facebook, Only Private -

and here's more about Facebook and their founder's plan:
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  1. arraknid's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, but if it works, and it starts to threaten FB, they'll be made an offer they or their investors won't be able to refuse. That's after FB have started legal proceedings for whatever reason, tying everyone up in legalese for years to come.

    I wish them good luck, but I fear market forces will win in the end.

    What they need is a major player to support them.
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  3. maitrishah's Avatar
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