• Fix Web Browser 'History Sniffing' Problem

    A new phenomenon called 'history sniffing' is being used by fraudsters to learn more about their targets and send them personalised attacks. Effectively, websites are harvesting lists of places that their users have previously visited online. It also allows e-commerce companies to adjust adverts or prices - for instance, if the site knows you've just come from a competitor that is offering a lower price.

    See here...

    Web Surfing Activity Vulnerable to 'History Sniffing' Report Says | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

    The main browsers affected are Firefox and Internet Explorer, and older versions of Google Chrome and Safari.

    There is a simple way to prevent such infiltrations in Firefox v3...

    Open the browser and type about:config in the address line.
    Look down the list for the following...


    Double-click on it to change true to false and you are done.

    Unfortunately, the only way to achieve the same thing in IE is to use the Private Browsing option. Depending on the age of the browser, you may need to use the same option, if available.

    To test whether your browser is protected, go here and press the Start button...

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