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    1. poor00paddy's Avatar
      poor00paddy -
      Without a single doubt...the best site on the www. Thanks very much to all concerned.
    1. mloo55's Avatar
      mloo55 -
      For all the guys that day after day help to solve our problems I thank of all you for
      their spirit of help to people in this excellent forum.
      Kudos for all of you
    1. cemaliya's Avatar
      cemaliya -
      Well how lucky was I that Google sent me to this great site as the people on it who help old ladies like me are wonderful
      They say that what is sent out is returned a hundredfold and this I wish for all of you who take the time to help others - 21st century samaritans indeed .
    1. Canuck's Avatar
      Canuck -
      It is really great to get such positive feedback from our members ... thank you ...
    1. reddogleader's Avatar
      reddogleader -
      Help2Go is a group of people many of whom I have come to have come to regard as friends. Always willing to offer advice, always willing to solve problems and always available. Long life to the site.
    1. Praetorian's Avatar
      Praetorian -
      I have been using this forum on and off for over 5 years now. It has been my only way to solve those little complexities that computers throw at us from time to time! The users and moderators are very helpful and understanding and have always helped me find the answer to my problem.
    1. peugeot expert's Avatar
      peugeot expert -
      Hi Donna Thanks for your info problem is now sorted.Thanks Peugeot Expert
    1. DonnaB's Avatar
      DonnaB -
      Hi puegeot expert,

      You're welcome! Glad it worked for you.
    1. derektoia's Avatar
      derektoia -
      Thanks mrdarn for the help, used firefox to access FB, will try other suggestions to see if i can get internet explorer to access. Thanks again.
    1. ponderer's Avatar
      ponderer -
      Thanks a 1000 Joe. Your very prompt, to the point and effective advice solved a very nagging problem after lots of agravation.

      Had tried lots of other sources before to no avail. Bravo.

    1. plusone's Avatar
      plusone -
      First things first...

      I would like to thank the helpful volunteers who still are here, that come by time to time to keep checking in, staying active and being dedicated. If it were't that, I probably wouldn't have the help I was looking for, that actually went above and over my expectation. So thank you all!

      BUT... most of all...

      I'm thankful to zep516 for being the "ONLY ONE" to help me out through my whole dilemma. I have much respect for that person and would like for them on my behalf, to be acknowledged for their time, as well as effort, one put in! THANK YOU!

      One last thing...

      Even though I can tell this site hasn't had much active users lately... I can say still say that this is the only site that helped me out the most. Compared to the other sites that "charge a fee" for people to answer your questions. Here.. people seem helpful and are willing to do so if they can.. and when they have that extra time.

      "Free Computer Help. Powered by Volunteers."
      ... and appreciated by Many Peers... Haha.
    1. Canuck's Avatar
      Canuck -
      Hi plusone,

      Thank you for those kind words .. it's really uplifting to all our dedicated volunteers to receive affirmation of what they do here, zep516 certainly being one of them.

      As far as the site being underutilized, you're right, however the positive side of this is that we are able to keep up with timely responses to those, like you, who have the good taste of asking for our assistance .

      Happy Computing and Seasons Greetings from all of us.
    1. plusone's Avatar
      plusone -
      Quote Originally Posted by Canuck View Post
      Hi plusone,
      Hey Canuck, thank you too. It takes two to tango my friend.

      Everyone here volunteering has been kind and warm welcomed, including you. Even from the past posts I have read, shows how light hearted each one is in helping. I love the hospitality you guys show on here. I have not yet stumbled across any hatred on this forum and hopefully you all can keep that up. Cheers and Gods Blessings to everyone here! Thanks all!

      Quote Originally Posted by Canuck View Post
      Happy Computing and Seasons Greetings from all of us.
      Happy Holidays to all as well!
    1. mikeant's Avatar
      mikeant -
      I got to take my hat off to zep516 what an amazing knowledgeable chap, his help has enabled me to continue my online work without having to go to one of the top high street retailers and getting stung with a hefty bill.

      I'll definitely spread the word about Help2Go.com and mention you guys in my blog, stay tuned.

      Keep up all the good work you do guys.

    1. trulymad's Avatar
      trulymad -
      I was bowled over by the kind help I received from Donna, who kept right on going where others would surely have given up. Donna was like a friend helping a friend, and I don't know who was more excited when she finally resolved the Windows Update issue I was having. I now have a nice clean computer and I'm thrilled to bits.
    1. CAC333's Avatar
      CAC333 -
      Zep516, I again want to thank you for all that you did in an apparently impossible situation.
      Take care,
    1. zep516's Avatar
      zep516 -
      You're very welcome. I'd like to thank Donna and Kevin for helping me to help you..

    1. 123john's Avatar
      123john -
      Once again Help2Go did a great job for me.
      Thanks a lot.
      I will highly recommend Help2Go to anyone I know around me.
      Best regards, John Steffensen from Denmark
    1. 123john's Avatar
      123john -
      Just want to send my thanks to all involved who is running Help2Go.
      Special thanks to DonnaB, who assisted me in solving my problem.
      I will highly recommend Help2Go to all around me.
      Best regards, John Steffensen from Denmark
    1. dglockster's Avatar
      dglockster -
      Your help with getting Dropbox operational was spot-on. Thanks for sharing your knowledge as well as your time and effort.