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    1. JunkYardDogg1156's Avatar
      JunkYardDogg1156 -
      Thank you DonnaB!! Fantastic job making this computer well again. I have recommended this site to others for help & will continue to do so. The assistance this site gives is second to none!!!! Thanks again!
    1. DonnaB's Avatar
      DonnaB -
      Why thank you! Such a nice compliment, JunkYardDog1156!

      You are most welcome!

    1. soldoughty's Avatar
      soldoughty -
      Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. I couldn't have done it without you!
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    1. DonnaB's Avatar
      DonnaB -
      Hi soldoughty,

      Welcome to Help2Go!

      If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

    1. bioptic's Avatar
      bioptic -
      zep516 of Help2Go was very helpful in helping me solve a technical problem that was crippling my work. A very special thank to you Joe who patiently and thoroughly searched the problem with me. I will recommend Help2Go, I have indicated this on my Facebook and I have sent a donation. Warm regards, Jean-Pierre Brunet from Canada.
    1. zep516's Avatar
      zep516 -
      Thank you

      And Thank you Canuck for helping me to help bioptic........

    1. Jerry_NJ's Avatar
      Jerry_NJ -
      Zip516, your help via guided test/clean runs has been very helpful and your examination of data results is above the "call of duty" even from, no especially from, a volunteer.

      Jerry in NJ
    1. capndavid's Avatar
      capndavid -
      Once again help2go and ZEP516 solved my PC problem. It's nice to have a place to visit that responds quick with valueable tech advice and support. Thanks Joe and the gang.
    1. zep516's Avatar
      zep516 -
      You're Welcome

      Keep coming back.

      From all of us at the Help2go team.....

      Happy & safe surfing
    1. Danita's Avatar
      Danita -
      Hi zep516 and all who help us, seems things are running better, I thank you for your help and assistance with all and everything. Thanking the universe for leading me to this site! Many blessings!
    1. staacks's Avatar
      staacks -
      Wow!!! I just want to say thank you so much for all your help getting my computer back to a working state. I was ready to trash it because no one seemed to be able to help me. Fortunately i found this site and it was a godsend. Your patience, knowledge and expertise is awesome!
      Zep516, you have my utmost respect. You are the best. I must say, all the volunteers here on this site go above and beyond to help out so many of us who seem to be lost when it comes to figuring out our computer problems. So i say to you Zep516 and all the others...koodos to you. You guys have won my heart and a friend for life! I will definitely tell veryone i can about this site. Thank you...thank you... thank you!
    1. Marksr12's Avatar
      Marksr12 -
      How does he do it? zep516 is amazing! What a guy. Thanks again and I will tell all my friends about Help2go! Bravo!!!
    1. joopa's Avatar
      joopa -
      zep516. I am very grateful for the assistance again