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    Default Accepting Windows Live Terms of Use

    Windows 7

    Since the introduction of Windows 7, family safety has finally been addressed.

    The introduction of perental controls within the operating system has been a godsend for parents like myself, who frequently wake up at 2am to find their children on their laptops playing on the latest "craze" websites such as BinWeevils or Club Penguin.

    One Solution

    My solution to this, rather than costly perental control programs, was simply to have the Router set up on a timer, going off at 21:00 and back on again at 06:00.

    Whats New with Windows 7?

    Windows 7 now has an adjustable time limit for each account, meaning my youngest is "kicked off" at 7pm, whereas my older child can use his account till 9pm.

    This allows me to use my account after 9pm without fear of the children sneeking a laptop upstairs without me knowing, and still allows me to continue (ahem) working. (Honest!)

    Any extras?

    In addition to this, Windows Live Essentials is now available as its own download, allowing you to monitor whats happening on each account. Now, i have not had a chance to explore the limits of "Family Safety" or its features, but i did come accross one hurdle very early on, and this is what i'd like to discuss here.

    Accepting the "Terms Of Use" error

    One thing i can find all over the internet is the "Terms of Use" error once you have installed Family Safety.
    These "Terms of Use" were brought in not too long ago, and it seems anyone with a Hotmail or Live account over a few years old has not accepted these as part of their sign-up process.
    Helpfully, the error message does ask you to accept these terms to continue, but does not clearly tell you WHERE to accept them. Even a search of the microsoft website turned up plenty of references to the terms of use, but no real advice on HOW to accept them (!).

    How to Accept the Windows Live Terms of Use

    The answer is so simple, i can't believe this is not more widely published. I stopped the installation so many times because i could not find an answer, i could have been up and running ages ago.
    To accept the terms of use, go to and sign in with your windows live/hotmail id and password and read the terms there. A big "Accept" button is readily available to click, and all problems are solved

    I hope this helps someone, as it took me a while to find this answer.

    More on family safety in another article (Once i've had a chance to see it working!)
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