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    Default WD My Passport Essential SE

    I just wanted to post a comment that this external hard drive is a piece of junk!! I had an issue with it back in 2010 and had to work to get spyware out of my desktop pc. Well for some dumb reason I decided to back up the same pc and low and behold!...I had all kind of funky stuff going on. The scroll wheel on my mouse made web pages bigger and smaller, I couldn't type into a search engine and clicking on my desktop one time, highlighted about 4 desktop icons. I immediately put two and two together and uninstalled WDSmartware then did a system restore. Seems to be OK now but if what I described above alerts anyone that I should dive further into the depths of the pc PLEASE let me know.

    In closing...can someone recommend a VERY GOOD external hard drive? There are now 4 pc/laptops in this place I try my best to manage and would like one hd for all.
    Be specific, even down to a model number or link to a newegg page.

    Have a great day!

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    Normally thats down to the *crap* they insist you use on the harddrive.

    I can't say this will work for you, but what i do with external hardisks when i buy them, is hook them up to the pc, close any prompts that appear, allow windows to load the driver for a generic storage device then right-click it in "computer" and format the darn thing.

    I don't even look at the programs that come with it anymore.

    It *should* just act like a normal removable device after that.

    NOTE: there may need to be a program installed that talks to the "hardware" side of this device, so formatting it *may* be a bad idea.

    This is why i buy generic hard drive caddys, and a separate hard disk to fit. Works out cheaper in the long run, and a lot less hassle.
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    I bought a Buffalo external drive a few months ago and I've been really happy with it. Inexpensive, good reviews and works great. buffalo hard drive
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