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    Default Possibly critical OtL bug discoveres by myrti


    I'm posting this to be "safe rather than sorry".

    I would like to warn you that the current OTL version may have a critical bug where it deletes all permissions on the subkeys of HKLM\software on Win7/Vista machines when running the cleanup procedure. I don't know yet what is triggering this. However I've seen this happen on my VM repeatedly tonight and I've seen a constant influx of cases on German forums where this was initially reported. There have also been cases where running a fix with OTL would remove these permissions as wells.

    OT has not yet had a chance to look at this and confirm/disprove this, but I would recommend everybody to be careful and avoid using OTL until it is clear what is happening. The discussion is here for those with access.

    regards myrti
    Be careful if you are user of OTL. this has proven to be very bad right now. OT is currently looking into the situation. I will keep you informed.
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    Seems this bug might go beyond the cleanup procedure included in OTL.


    I'm also seeing complaints about the same happening when running Fixes. Not just during Cleanup.
    We had a polish user in #geekstogo earlier, reporting this from "his forum" too both for Fixes and Cleanups.

    Personally I would recommend not to use OTL until OT has had a chance to look at what is going wrong.

    regards myrti
    It is being advised that those who use OTL should revert to using the previous version found HERE or HERE. OTC works fine for cleanup, by the way.
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    I have been looking for this information for a long time, I was very surprised when I found it here.