Microsoft readies monster-sized security patch for Windows users | Naked Security

This update is Tuesday 12 Feb 13

Patch Tuesday is approaching, and for users of Microsoft's software it's going to be a monster.
In all, 57 separate security flaws are waiting to be fixed.
Perhaps the biggest concern will be related to the security holes in Internet Explorer.
According to Microsoft, every single version of Internet Explorer - from version 6 to version 10 - needs to be patched, as they are vulnerable to exploitation by drive-by attacks.
That means that simply visiting a boobytrapped webpage could silently infect your computer with malware - hijacking your PC for a hacker's own ends.
According to an advisory from the software giant, five of the 12 security updates have been given Microsoft's highest severity rating of "critical".
The worry will be, of course, that malicious hackers will examine the patches released by Microsoft and attempt to release exploit code to take advantage of vulnerable computers shortly afterwards.
The longer you take to update the security patches on your computer, the greater potential risk you could find yourself in.