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    Default PC help with LiveTech service

    I don't know if this is really the right section for this since the LiveTech service is offered by Cyberdefender which is antivirus software, but it is a computer repair service, so I thought I would put it here.

    I found an article in PC Mag about the LiveTech service. The article reviewed how it worked and it's features.

    Now, I have had Cyberdefender antivirus, and it works good, and except for a pop-up telling me something was blocked, it just runs in the background and haven't had much virus issues since using it.

    They have a 24 x7 help line which I used once and they helped with my questions.

    This LiveTech service that they offer will - for $239 - 'give your computer an initial diagnostic and fix any problems found. Then any time you need tech help, day or night, you can call on them. They'll get your printer installed, clean up pesky malware problems, optimize your PC's performance, and more...'

    For me, and probably most of us on this forum, we can do this stuff ourselves.

    What I would be willing to pay for is someone to deal with my Uncle Max, who is calling me every time he has a computer problem which is about once a month.

    For $200, LiveTech might be a good solution and gift from him.

    The article mentions that the service is remote control, is that like 'Remote Access'?

    Do you think the Remote Access is secure?

    Now, the article didn't test the service, so does anyone here have any experience with it?
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    Hi spicy14lingo, I personally feel the help we offer here and other computer help sites, can fix the majority of problems for free. The few that cannot be solved, mainly hardware problems, we recommend taking to a reputable computer store to have fixed. In most cases, our excellent crew are able to boil it down to either software or hardware issues.

    The article mentions that the service is remote control, is that like 'Remote Access'?
    pretty much, there are a number of services which will allow you to work on another PC remotely

    Do you think the Remote Access is secure?
    Can't speak for all the programs, but most are password protected connections and are secure is a well known one for example, they have a free version too.

    How about referring your Uncle Max to Help2Go?