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    Default Question about Tigertext and HIPAA secure texting

    I figured that this was the best place to post this, and I hope someone here has some IT experience who can help me out.

    I am now working in a hospital admin office which is a good job cuz it keeps me busy and I am learning a lot. I am working now with HIPAA (healthcare patient information confidentially laws) and one day I over heard a conversation between my boss and a vendor about how doctors should not be using text messaging to send information because HIPAA says you cant.

    I thought this strange because I see doctors in the hospital texting all the time.

    I did some googling and from what I can tell doctors are not supposed to text info, since the messages are copied and stored on the phone and can be hacked so doctors who text patent info can violate HIPAA.

    I did find Tigertext which is a phone app that automatically deletes the text messages after a period of time and it is HIPAA compliant, but none of the doctors I talked to heard of it.

    Healthcare | | TigerTextTigerText

    My question is: Is TigerText something I should recommend to my boss, or should I go to the IT department and talk to them about it, and have it come from them?

    Also, does anyone here have any experience with Tigertext or something like it?
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    It sounds like a good idea, so its definatly worth putting forward, but DEFINITLY to your IT department.

    And, from my experience of IT departments, i'd ask as a question rather that pose as a suggestion.

    More "do you know anything about...??" rather than "i think we should..."

    You'll get a much more honest response, and more chance of the idea making it further using the question method, especially if the person you ask has not heard about it yet.
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    Hm...I wonder if the Dept. of Health and Human Services even know about TigerText? Wouldn't it be nice if someone wrote and article in a Medical Journal about this or even to send out fliers to Health Care providers to get the word out?
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    JCAHO has specifically banned physician text messaging, as it's not HIPAA-compliant, it's not secure.
    In looking for a secure messaging solution you want to make sure that the information is accessed, stored, and transmitted securely. You want a solution that does NOT store any information/msgs/PHI ON the device! As well as being password/code protected, and utilizes full end-to-end encryption. And that the app can be remotely and easily disabled at any time.

    I would recommend you check out - which is a completely hipaa-compliant 2 way instant and reliable messaging solution for smartphones and tablets that both admins and docs will love (as well as operators/nurses, getting real-time verification of all msg events including msg delivered, marked as completed, read, etc).
    It has Many new features now too, you can request more info on their site to set up a demo or free trial. The app also integrates with amtelco's on-call solutions too.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!