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    Default How higher RPM hard drives rip you off

    Just for info and discussion...but hey not get caught up in the high speed hype and maybe save a $$$ buck too
    (5400 vs 7200 HDDs....most believe the HDD with the OS should always be on the 7200 RPM HDD...Really?)

    Well for those of you thinking more rpms are better, what it really comes down to is the IOPS (Input Output Per Second)

    One man's opinion
    How higher RPM hard drives rip you off | ZDNet

    I buy 2T 5400rpm for less than most similar 1T HDDs @ 7200rpm....they run cooler and are not any slower as this guy tries to prove it

    (His post is dated 2006....but the reasoning or tech has not changed)

    How higher RPM hard drives rip you off

    Summary: If someone tried to sell you a hard drive that performed slower, cost twice the money and had one quarter the capacity, what would you think? This is precisely what's happening to PC enthusiasts who think they're getting a great deal when they buy in to the hard drive RPM myth.

    By George Ou for Real World IT | September 19, 2006 -- 04:55 GMT (21:55 PDT)
    It will be a long time before I pay the high price for a Solid State Disks (SSD)....already their life span is becoming and issue...but they are great for a Lap Top sitting on your heat from the SSD

    I doubt SSD present tech is here to stay unless it gets better and much cheaper....maybe a discussion for another day or feel free to comment
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