Hey everyone, I know I might be a few days late in posting this but hey better late than never.

I would like to begin this thread out by saying, my thoughts and prayers goes out to all the families/friends who has lost someone dear to them in the past shooting and everyone else who are emotionally feeling the tragic situation.

It saddens me because the victims that lost their lives were mostly very young children. Who were barely starting out in school and unfortunately, yet sadly, their last time. I can't imagine what was running through their heads at that very moment it happened. From the kids who were shot then killed, the teachers who first encountered the teenager, the ones protecting their students and to even what the kids who survived were thinking.

To all the citizens in Newtown, CT, even the neighboring counties, and as well as some from thousands of miles away. Yet it seems that they are a very tight bond and very strong community. How everyone there is so loving to one another by giving their support, having love and compassion to one another. Which they have done by showing love, by giving time to show up, by leaving memorials, paying their respects and so forth. I am most positive that they all will get past these hard times... slowly... but surely.

If anyone else has any thoughts... any feelings you would like to address... anything they wanted to mention/post... even one word to say towards this matter, are all welcomed.

Again to the victims, families and friends of the victims, and everyone affected by this incident, my prayers goes out to you. May God Bless all.