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    Default Scamming the scammers

    I really like the sound of this

    A New Zealand security firm has set up an artificially intelligent chatbot named “Re:scam” to reply to scam e-mails and tie the scammers up in time-wasting conversational knots. The independent non-profit online safety organisation Netsafe, based in Auckland, has designed the chatbot’s replies to look like they’re coming from a real home user type person, spelling mistakes and all, stringing the scammer along and fooling them into thinking they’ve hooked another likely victim for their latest scheme. By wasting the scammer’s time with a series of back and forth messages that never quite reach the point of taking the scammer’s bait, Netsafe believe that it will be keeping safe other (real) Internet users for as long as the chatbot can keep the miscreant busy. The next time you receive a dodgy e-mail promising an unmissable investment opportunity or miracle cures for what ails your computer, instead of dumping it in your junk folder, you could send it along to Re:scam, the NZ chatterbot, by simply forwarding it to The team running Re:scam says forwarding spam e-mails will automatically get the bot to work on a series of responses and might even send back snippets of the conversations for you to enjoy as the scammers become increasingly frustrated with ‘your’ knotty messages. The AI bot can take on multiple personas, engage with “infinite scammers at once” and will continue conversations until the culprit stops replying. “With multiple personalities, and an ever growing vocabulary, there’s no way for scammers to know they are talking to a computer” according to Netsafe. Note that although you may see your personal e-mail address in reports that Netsafe might send you, it is never used in the process seen by the scammer; all communication is done via a proxy account.
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    Hm? I wonder if that would work with all the spam emails that I am being bombarded with? My ISP could care less how many I get. Their last server change resulted in my spam folder being forever empty. All the spam emails go straight to my inbox and even if I move them to the spam folder or mark them as spam, that does not help to redirect spam emails to the spam folder. Why they do not have a spam filter is beyond me. I surely pay them enough to be able to afford one!
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