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    Default IDE channel 0 slave hard Disk S.M.A.R.T.

    I have recently gotten a black screen when booting up with this message:

    IDE Channel 0 slave Hard disk S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad
    Warning Immediately back up you data and replace your hard drive. a failure may be imminent.
    Hard drive is relatively new and I have a lot of memory left. I can go online and have no trouble. Do I have to replace the hard drive or are there other options?


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    This could be something as simple as a loose or failing lead between your harddrive and your slave drive. Re check the connections if you have not already.(and if your confident enough to do so.)

    can you find out what type of drive it is? if so, go to the manufacturers website and look for the downloadable tool to check the drive.

    It seems to be pointing to your slave drive, do you have 2 physical harddrives in your machine?

    tell us a little more about your machine, ie custom built? no. of harddrives? how old? and what do you mean by 'relitavely new'? is this a replacment or is the computer new?
    and hardware changes lately?

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    Suggest you go to the manufacturer's site, most of them have test ware to check out the health of your drive. To play it safe though, I'd back up any important data. I've had this happen a couple of times over the years, ultimately the drives did go .. anywhere from a month to a year from getting the message (depending on what the report said was wrong). What I did in those cases was to make the problem drive into a slave drive (it won't be worked so hard as a main drive) and install a new drive with a fresh updated operating system. You still need to create backups to disk, or transfer data to your new drive.

    Hope this helps.