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    Default Compaq Laptop Monitor problem

    This is a long shot, but....

    over the last few weeks, vertical lines have appeared down my laptop screen.

    these are threadlike, coloured lines of red and blue, and although they dont actually bother me, i'm thinking it could be a problem when more appear. if i connect another monitor to the laptop (like i do when i watch movies on my TV) the lines do not appear on the tv screen.

    i've not tried anything to fix this so far, but i have noticed if i hold the left top corner of the screen, and pull the right corner about 1/4 of an inch towards me, the lines disappear and the screen is perfect.

    i'm thinking its a poor connection somewhere, but i'm not sure how easy, if at all, it is to fix so i have not 'fiddled'

    there is no warranty left.

    apart from PC world, i am the most knowledgeable person i know about these things bar 1, and he dont have any ideas apart from taking it apart for a look. he warns it could make it worse tho if a ribbon is fraying.

    any ideas before i start with the screwdriver?

    Compaq Presario f500
    1gb ram
    120gb hdd
    windows vista home premium
    nvidia graphics card (unsure of spec)

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    I think you may need to replace the ribbon connector. Fiddly, but usually solves it.