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    Unhappy Highlighting of Script

    Hi Guys,

    This has been driving me nut's for a long time and have tried solving it several ways no success. Now I'm fairly computer literate and have no qualms about going into the registry and changing values etc, providing I know where I am going!

    There are two problems are these. Now I understand people have diabilities and they need help with display and vision, but this is where I find Microsoft patronising to the point where they think we can't think for ourselves! I am using XP SP3 with IE7

    First problem. Getting rid of that stupid "Click here to begin" when the cursor hovers over the start button on the Desk Top. This has been bugging me since Windows 95. We all know what a Start button is, but do we have to be told every time?

    Second problem. Stopping the highlighting of text, pictures, links and buttons in IE7. This happens in all web pages. For example you put the cursor over a picture, and a small box pops up and has a name of the person in the photo. Well I know who it is, because it says so written underneath! You pass over a link and a little box pops up and says what the link is. I know what a link is, I don't need to be told!

    Even typing this, if I put the cursor on the logo at the top of this page I get a little box pops up and says "Help2Go". If you put the cursor on the back button is says "Back to Computer Help - Help2Go (Alt + Left). If you put the cusor on the refresh button a little box pops up and says "Refresh (F5)" The Stop button "Stop (Esc)" and so on! We never had this in IE6.

    I've got Tweak UI and that doesn't stop it. You look in Help and Support and that is next to bloody useless! It proudly announces all about Highlighting but no way of telling you how to disable it or switch it off!

    Any suggestions before I die of old age prematurely?

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    What you are referring to is called ALT text and is an important element of both the operating system and the browser.

    In your operating system, the ALT text is read by the text-to-speech engine of Accessibility Options to describe the controls, features and certain content when the cursor hovers over the item.

    The same applies to IE7 controls. Webpages use the same system, though it depends whether the page compiler has bothered to include a description in his code. Personally, I always include ALT text on web pages, especially with images, because not everyone has 20:20 vision.

    In the operating system, I find the description very useful - especially for showing file info and path. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it can't be turned off and, personally, I wouldn't want to.

    Maybe time to give in and live with it.

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    This was a fix for win 98 and ME to get rid of 'click here to begin', so am not sure if it will work for XP. If you try it, be sure to back up the registry beforehand. I checked my registry and it doesn't look like the same command is in XP, so you may have to create the new key as mentioned.

    To get rid of the annoying "Click here to begin" scrolling arrow and text message showing up on the Taskbar every time the Windows 9x/ME GUI loads (if you don't have any open programs that display their own icons on the Taskbar at Windows startup, and that will cover "Click here to begin"), run Regedit and go to:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer In the right hand pane modify the "NoStartBanner" Binary [hex] Value: double-click on it -> type 01000000 -> click OK. Don't type any quotes or spaces.
    Or add it if not present: right-click on an empty spot in the right hand pane -> select New -> click Binary Value -> name it NoStartBanner -> click OK.
    Close Regedit and restart Windows when done.
    Keep us posted.