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    Default Fixing Adware left my computer a mess.

    I down loaded adware/virus, so it is all my fault. My computer is such a lost cause I am going to Format my hard drive But I need to retrieve a lot of files first. his is what happened. The Adware removed my Admin right to task manager turned off Windows Xp update, disabled Avgfree, Removed Desktop shortcut to AVGFree, IE7, Windows Explorer. It also Removed everything from the Start menu (no program, run, search, control panel) It did leave the pinned items. Luckly that is ware I keep shortcuts to my virus and spyware removers. It also left "VIRUS ALERT!"on the toolbar next to the clock.
    So After many hours I believe that I have gotten rid of the Adware/viruse. I also got back task manager, Programs on the start menu (which got me all of my programs). The CD and hard drive are hidden from windows explorer, but I can search for any file and find it. If I look at the properties of any/every file on the computer the created, modified, and accessed fields state the correct time and date but "VIRUS ALERT!" has been added. ALso the Duration time on my MP3's has been changed to 00:03 "VIRUS ALERT!" This is what I want to fix. Maybe I'm a little ADD but I boils my blood to see this even if it is harmless. When I moved a file to a memory stick the "VIRUS ALERT!" was removed from the Accessed field but if I move or copy the file do defiant folder nothing changes. Thanks to any and all that can help.

    Holly proper running computer Batman!!! I thought I had All the adware cleaned out and that it was the registry that was all messed up. But that was not the case. I downloaded Malwarebytes and it fixed all of my problems. Spybot SD, Adaware 2008, SUPERAntiSpyware, AVG all failed me. Malwarebytes is my new bestest friend
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