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    Default Problem with Microsoft Outlook

    Hello All

    Hoping you can help me with my problem. We have a home computer and we have a laptop which are networked. We have broadband and the laptop has wireless broadband.

    OK up until a couple of days ago we used to access our Outlook via the laptop, but the main computer had to be on to be able to access it, which was fine.

    We purchased a new disc drive, which my husband put in the same day. Now when I opened Outlook on the laptop, it started from scratch, so there were none of my recent or old emails or my folders. The freaky thing is that we can still access all the old info and folders from the home computer, but just not the laptop.

    Any ideas?????

    Thanks in advance.


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    If your Outlook (Express) files are on the Home machine and previously you accessed them from the Laptop, you were using a network connection via the router to do so.

    If you haven't already, go to Control Panel, click on Network Connections and then use the Set up a home or small office network wizard in the top left of the window.

    Follow the instructions, and if necessary repeat the same operation on the other computer.

    If you've already set up the link, on the Laptop you'll need to go to Start, My Network Places, navigate to the Program Files folder on the Home machine and find the Outlook executable file. Right click and select Send to..., and Desktop (create a shortcut).

    That will place a shortcut on the Laptop's desktop which will launch Outlook from the other computer.

    To find out the name and location of the Outlook executable, on the Home machine right click the Outlook icon and select Properties. In the window that opens, you'll see Target with the file's location. Make a note of that and use it to navigate from the other machine.

    At the moment, it sounds as though you are clicking on the shortcut to the Outlook installation located on the Laptop, which will be empty.

    Hope that helps.
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