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    Default OK,This is going to sound odd, but......

    Hi. OK ,this is going to sound odd but here it is. I was in the process of searching for zip codes in different US states. I had collected a number of them for certain areas and copied down the zip code and the link where it was found. When I had collected, say, 30 or so for a certain state, I emailed it to myself, and went on from there, to the next state, etc.

    After I'd done this for awhile and noticed no problem, suddenly there was one. When I emailed the, now growing list, to myself, it was missing the zip codes for a week back or more. I went to my Sent folder and checked and it was the same. Thinking I'd lost a week's worth of collected zip codes I decided to start all over again. I went to the last email I had, hit "Reply" and thought I'd start to add in the sections that were missing.

    The thing is, when I hit "Reply" all of the zip codes are there but when I hit "Send" or check that same email before I hit "Reply" all of the zip codes are missing. They only appear when I hit "Reply" If I were to send that email again to myself, the zip codes wouldn't be there.

    Does anyone know what is going on? This one has me puzzled to say the least.

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    Odd and a bit confusing.

    What email client are you using, if any?

    Do you send to and from the same account?

    If relevent, have you gone online to your mailbox to check the contents?

    And, sorry, I have to ask.....WHY?