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    Default Intel Q6600 Quad Core Problem.

    Hello there,My PC has an Intel Q6600 quad core as its cpu, running on vista 32bit home premium.
    Today i read an artical in popular magazine that explained that only 1 core is used for system start up and went on to tell you how to utilise more than one for multi core systems.
    The process was as follows:
    start msconfig, click on the boot tab, click on the advanced tab, change the amount of cores to the amount desired (within the limits of your processor) and reboot.
    I did this, changing the amount to the full 4 cores and rebooted, but apon start up, the desktop apeared and then my PC just froze and did nothing more. I retried a few times with exactly the same outcome, before i booted to safemode and reset the amount of cores used to 1 , but this had no effect, still my PC crashed at startup.
    I then booted to safe mode and switched off all start up programs and tools and boot up normal mode which seemed to work fine now, so i went through a few items at a time, restarting each time until i found the program that seemed to be causing the problem, it was one called
    Intel(R) Software Services Manager.
    so i kept it unchecked, searched google and found info telling me that this was linked to a program that start up with me called Intel ViiV and advised to reinstall.
    I uninstalled it about 30 mins later my PC crashed again and now it does it about every 30 mins or so.
    But i noticed that my PC is only showing use of one core now. In device manager it shows all 4 cores working, but when i start task manager, it only shows one graph and one core, likewise when i use the msconfig and go back to the menu that chooses the amount of processor cores for start up, it only shows one availible now.
    Is my cpu broken? can anyone help?

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    It's unlikely your processor is damaged, but you seem to have really screwed up the settings!! Articles like the one you mention can cause more harm than good, and should always carry a computer health warning!!

    The simplest way to get around your problem is to do a System Restore to a point in time before you changed things.

    Then just accept the default settings, they are like that for a reason.

    Bear in mind too, that your machine will only use extra cores when they are needed by certain heavy-usage applications like video editing, they don't run all of the time. Most users running normal daily tasks like web surfing and emailing, rarely get more than 2 cores running at one time.