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    Default Re-allocating free space from one partition to another

    I've got a problem with my hard drive . It came with the hard drive split into 3 partitions, C:,D: and E:
    C: is the smallest partition, E: is the largest. Is there a way for me to re-allocate some of the space in E: to C: without having to reformat the entire drive?

    Why Dell decided that the main C: drive (my opinion) should be the smallest is beyond me. If I download a new program it automatically is saved to a temp folder on C: and aborts because C: is too small. Because of this I cannot then install the program onto one of the other partitions.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    That sort of allocation is much better than you think. I have my operating system on a very small partition and use the the other partitions for programs, data, music, etc. That way if ever it became necessary to reinstall Windows, all data would be safe.

    If I download a new program it automatically is saved to a temp folder on C:
    If you download a program, you are given the choice to Run or Save it. The first option will create a temp file on your C: drive for installing from. Selecting Save means you get to choose where to save it to - for example, a Downloads folder on another drive/partition. That's always a good idea as you'll have a copy if you need to reinstall. When you run the installer, again you have the choice of where it is installed to. If you create a Programs folder on another partition, install it to there. It'll still appear in your Programs list and place an icon on the Desktop.

    You aren't limited to installing to the Programs folder on C: drive, that's just Microsoft making a decision for you.

    Similarly you can keep the files you normally store in My Documents on another drive/partition. Just choose the Save as option when saving files and navigate to the other My Documents folder.

    To answer your original question, resizing existing partitions is not for the feint hearted - especially when one of then contains your operating system!

    Hope that helps.

    EDIT>>>>> Meant to add that it's more than possible that one of those partitions contains the files required to recover your machine in the event of a problem, so beware! Do not be tempted to delete them.
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