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    Default cannot start winxp-different condition

    Hello! sorry for my poor description

    I have 2 same os (same cd win xp pro sp2) running in my computer, drive c and d.

    The problem is os drive c cannot be started with this error message '
    windows\system32\config\system being missing or corrupted', able to repair it with winxp cd.

    I have no backup file/boot disk saved, here a simple describe bellow
    os drive c: cannot start but device driver installed
    os drive d: start properly but no device driver installed yet (new install)

    But this method didn't work because no repair for c available in setup, only d available, maybe c is too corrupted. Any other method but full format?

    Additionally, my os d is working properly but the driver for device like sound and other not yet installed, no sound. So I wonder is it possible to copy paste the driver from c back to d and then reconfiguring the setting so that no need download again. If possible, how?

    Please help with step by step detailed instruction about what to do, thank you very much for reading.

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    OK, I think I understand. When you boot XP from D drive, do you see the C drive listed in My Computer? Can you see the files? If so, transfer any files you want to keep to D drive. Once that's done, as the drive is corrupted, you are better off reformatting it and reinstalling your software, drivers, etc to the D drive. Trying to repair corrupted drive data is time consuming and is never 100% perfect.

    Copying drivers from a corrupted drive isn't a good idea. You should download the necessary drivers from either the manufacturer's website, or if a self-built machine, from the component manufacturer's websites. That way you get the latest versions and you know they are OK.