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    Default HDDrive 2 Go 1 terabyte hard drive

    After spending much of one day driving round Nottinghamshire Aldis, I managed to buy one of the new 1 terabyte external hard drives for my Medion computer. I have just tried to use it, to discover that the e-sata port doesn't fit as this drive, unlike my 320 gig HDDrive 2 Go, has to have a separate power supply which juts out and so doesn't allow the e-sata ports to connect.
    I phoned Medion support and was told that to make it work via e-sata I had to buy an HDDrive2Go Adaptor MD85563, but on examing the picture on their shop website it is obvious that this doesn't have an e-sata adaptor and so won't do what I need it to do.
    I feel really angry and let down by Medion. Any advice would be welcomed.
    Lynne Chapman

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    i'm having trouble picturing what your describing, as my experience with e-sata connections involve a cable,which would leave the room required for the power supply cable. Is the problem at the drive end or the end where it connects to your computer?

    could you take a picture, so we can see what you see?

    Were the cables not supplied with the drive?
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