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    Hi, could someone possibly recommend what is the best motherboard to buy? I'm looking for a gutsy & powerful all rounder, maybe in the MSI/DDR range, only because this was put to me by a friend a few days ago. Brand new or second hand, whatever is on offer. Thank you anyone.

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    That's a loaded question. It all depends on exactly what you want your computer to be able to do. You are limited only by how much money you have. I have built computers with MSI, Chaintech, ASUS, Abit and probably a few others. I personally liked the MSI boards, but they all worked fine. The board will dictate what type of CPU you need; or you can pick the CPU first which will dictate what type of board you need.

    My personal opinion is that you can build for speed or build for dependability. The more speed, the more money it will cost- and it often becomes less stable. If you want to play the latest video games, you will need some speed. If you just surf the web and check emails- speed isn't critical. You will probably be somewhere in the middle.

    Two places I have used ZipZoomFly for new motherboards and Mobo outlet eBay Store - Mobo Outlet: Special 1, MSI, Server Product for slightly used pulls.