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    Default computer shuts off by itself, need some help, please!!!

    Ok I need some help. My computer shuts off by itself after maybe 60 seconds.

    At first it came on something happened and a blue screen came on and computer shut off. I turned it back on but it wouldnít go past the blue screen so I was going to reinstall the os, now the computer will come on but only stay on for maybe a minute sometimes it will start through the install portion of putting os back on and then it shuts off.

    I have tried a different power supply, put different ram in, tried a different hard drive but still it shuts off after very short time.

    Any suggestions on what I can do or what may be wrong. I cannot afford to pay anyone to fix it. I am thinking maybe the motherboard or processor may be bad but donít know how to test. I cannot afford another motherboard or processor so I hope that isnít the problem.

    I could really use some advice.

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    We need the info from the blue-screen, as it looks like some sort of hardware failure.

    If you dont have a blue screen now, and it just reboots, tap F8 and choose the option highlighted below, then write down the info
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