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    Default reloading xp home version

    if you reach the end of your tether and want to get your pc back to the way it was purchased, is it easy to just reboot with the windows xp disc etc ?

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    If you have the recovery disk specifically for your computer, then yes, in a nutshell, its as easy as inserting the disk, rebooting and following the prompts.

    Be warned tho, that you may/will have to redownload all the windows updates that have been released over the years since you bought the PC, and deal with all those teething problems you had since day one...

    I had quite forgot just how many windows updates have been released for Windows XP!

    You may have to tweak your boot order in the BIOS, but if thats something you've never messed with, its probably set correctly now, so nothing to worry about.

    You'll know if its not set right, because windows will load as it does now, instead of a setup screen.

    Some models also require you to press a certain key on bootup, such as F10.

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