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    Default install windows7 on laptop

    I currently have a laptop 160 gb hhd with vista.
    I want to replace hhd with 320gb and install windows7.
    Is there an issue with installation? ie will it need a mouse or will the L/R buttons and pad on laptop be recognised?
    Any suggestions with installation onto a laptop would be appreciated.

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    It would help if you could identify which make and model laptop you have. Since you apparently already have a HD installed and I assume you have an OS installed and working on that HD, I would consider this...
    Remove the installed HD and keep it safe. It has your OS and other things already installed so that if things go bad all you have to do is replace it back into the laptop. Windows 7 should pick up and properly install the pad drivers, and if you connect a mouse it should pick that up and install it also. JFI, I almost never use the mouse software that usually comes with the device. Unless there is something special you need to program the mouse to do, all the usual mouse activities will work with the generic mouse drivers. the new HD into the laptop and install Windows 7 on it. I installed Windows 7 Premium 65bit on a HP dv6929nr laptop that came with Vista 64bit. The laptop is a few years old but fairly new. I only use it as an interface with my guitars/basses. I do keep it updated.
    I have installed Windows 7 Premium on two netbooks, one laptop and two desktops, all "custom installs" and the only problem I have encountered is that one netbook needed a chipset driver update.
    Good luck.
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    You should be OK, but make sure there are Win7 drivers available on the laptop manufacturer's website for your machine. They'll include the touchpad. You'll also need to reinstall everything - all software, drivers, etc., so it isn't an easy option. Your best bet is to upgrade your Vista installation with Win7, which will keep everything as now.

    Try downloading the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser which will analyse your current system and advise on any changes required.