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    gurus i dont know but this msmpeng.exe (user system) is giving me trouble it runs automatically and uses the cpu memory and make my computer slow . please tell me what is this exe file and whether it is important , if not how can i stop this.

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    Hi marooketan,

    I'm not the guru that you are requesting, though I can supply the following information for you.

    The msmpeng.exe process is used by the Microsoft Windows Defender to perform spyware scanning procedures. When Windows Live OneCare is installed in your computer, the msmpeng.exe file is also automatically saved in your computer.

    To ensure that your system is protected, you can determine the activity of the msmpeng.exe file through Windows Task Manager. On the other hand, when the msmpeng.exe file is performing a scan, you can view the details of the scan through the Windows Defender user interface.

    The main functions of the msmpeng.exe file include the ability to remove, quarantine, and prevent spyware infections. Aside from scanning for Spyware, the msmpeng.exe file also searches for Worms and Trojans.

    The framework of the msmpeng.exe file was based on the GIANT Antispyware, a product of GIANT Company Software, Inc. Aside from scanning, Windows Defender also includes various Real-time Security Agents used to check areas of Windows that can contain unsafe programs. ActiveX applications can also be removed by the msmpeng.exe file.

    This information provided by the following link:
    msmpeng.exe - What is msmpeng.exe?

    Also, here's an excellent explanation as to how to keep your Windows Defender running and turn this process off.
    What is msmpeng.exe and how to remove it

    Hope this helps.

    If you have any more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Other members may offer more info. as well.

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