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    Default problem playing movies from Ebook HDD

    I have stored avi movie files on my external HDD from which I have been able to play back thru a home theatre system via USB input.

    I copied these files from the hdd then re formated the disc so that I could store an image of my hard drive. I could not store it as it was in the wrong format so I recopied my avi files back on to the hdd, however they will not play back thru the home theatre system.
    I reformated the hdd again and put the avi files back, still no luck.

    I have formated the hdd twice(exfat and NTFS the only 2 opions)

    I know it worked before, now it won't.

    Any suggestions please?

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    Hi wazza,

    Chances are when you formatted you lost any codecs you might have had.

    Try downloading and installing the klite codec pack
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