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    I'm using IE 8, I have a Dell 1700 Vostro, and I'm using XP. FF works fine, IE loads all of my tabs, but when I click on a link to load a related page, it takes forever, I usually give up after 10 minutes. Later in the day or the next day it will work. One of the links is in a professional website I use, I'm just trying to go into another part of the program, Another time, I clicked on a print link, it opens the window and I usually get the green bars on the bottom, but it never goes past 3 or 4 bars. My data transfer rate is 682 kbps, I have 1.78 GHz 200 GB of RAM. I'm down to only 6 programs running in the background. If that information sounds like I know something about computers, I don't. It is just that I have been asked those questions before. Other times everything works great, this has been an off and on problem for about the last 6 months, but it is becoming more frequent.. I have the latest Java update. I erase temporary files frequently, some times that helps. Thanks in advance, you have certainly helped in the past.

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    Whenever we hear that IE8 is causing problems when installed in XP, we advise that you uninstall it and revert to IE7. IE8 was really built for Vista and Windows 7, and tweaked for XP. Mostly it works OK, but sometimes not.

    If you go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, makes sure the Show Updates box is ticked, look down the list for Internet Explorer 8 and uninstall it. The system will automatically revert to IE7.

    Worth a try because you always have the option to install it again.