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    Default copying files and computer powered off- using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom too

    I have been in the habit of doing a "cut" and "paste" to copy photographs from my camera card to my laptop. I now realize that this habit was a bad habit!!

    In the middle of this transfer (only 2 minutes remaining), I lost power to my computer. I had already added the photos that had transferred already to the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalog.

    When the computer was re-attached to a powersource, I had the blue re-boot screen..........then it asked me to re-update the Lightroom catalog (or something like that). Next thing you know, I have no files remaining but a lot of the files in the catalog (of course I can't modify them as they are just a reference, not the file itself ).

    I have checked the temp files on my computer and checked the card itself, but I have literally NO files. I checked my recycle bin too.

    Of course next time I will only do "copy" and "paste" and then delete after checking and double checking. I know it is a silly mistake but do I have any hope of recovering the files?

    Is there anything else I can check or shall I say "goodbye" to the photos willingly now?

    I was thinking of googling to try to find the memory card recovery software and see if that would somehow work. I'm not sure what I did as I thought all was aok until I realized in Lightroom that the files were never actually copied..........then checked again on my hard drive and indeed they were not there. What a shame. About 2.5 hours of shooting in the Mekong Delta! I have one other card that went "bad" from a previous photography trip. I tried to get it "fixed" locally but they said they could not. Any thoughts for somewhere to look online for that (the card doesn't even read).

    Thanks so much!!

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    Try this free utility:

    Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

    Be careful how you use your computer till the files are recovered, as everything you are currently doing writes a little more to the harddrive, and as these files have now been marked as "free space" they could be overwritten any time!

    If your worried about this, look for the "portable" version you can download and install to a flash drive (AKA Thumb drives, memory sticks etc!) in the following link:

    Recuva - Builds
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    Try using Recuva on the camera card rather than the HD. The Cut option deletes the original files from the card, but as long as you haven't overwritten anything, the original files should still be there.