I have a 60gb hd maxtor when I first boot up the hard drive light stays on sometimes up to 10 min IE and firefox takes forever to load, or once IE or FF is loaded when I go to a page or mail or any web page the hard drive light stays on and on and on and the page takes for ever to fully load like its stuck on stupid. Is this cause of seek errors ? hard drive falure? the HD does not make any noise. Also I have to run System Machanic almost every day after I run it tho its whole scan everything works pretty good than after a while the same old thing starts again. I think when the computer needs data it acess the HD the light comes on and than when it finds what it is looking for the HD light goes off untill it needs something else.

My thinking is hard drive is failing ?

The HD has 8.66GB used space with a capacity of 57.2GB with 48.5GB free