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    Default viasraid.sys

    bottom of the page it says copying VIASRAID.SYS then proceeds to load windows, partition HDD, and assign letter and such. at one point it stops and says "Unable to copy VIASRAID.SYS" then shows a list saying

    to retry hit enter,
    to skip hit ESC (although windows may not run properly without said files),
    or F3 to quit.

    i hit enter and it shows the floppy is reading, but says"can't copy file." BUT IT'S RIGHT THERE ON THE FLOPPY! so i hit ESC then it says unable to copy VIASRAID.CAT - same process, until finally i hit ESC. then it says unable to copy VIASRAID.INF

    all three files are on the floppy, but it won't copy them at the crucial point. after hitting ESC it runs through and completes the installation and reboots the computer. it shows XP loading for 2 secs then goes bluescreen saying the following:

    "check for viruses on computer. remove any newly installed HDD or HDD controllers. check your HDD and make sure it's properly configured and terminated. run CHKDSK /F to check for HDD corruption then restart computer.

    tech info:

    *** STOP 0x0000007B (0xF79F7528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

    i know the three files that are missing and is there any way to put them onto the HDD through DOS or something? they are right there, but after a second attempt, the same messages occured. why can't they be copied if they are on the floppy disk?

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    You have brought us into the middle of the problem. Could you explain how you got to this point.

    Please provide the Make & Model of the computer you're working on.

    What sort of recovery disks do you have?

    Google STOP 0x0000007B Just to become familiar with other issues relating to the particular stop error.

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    I'm guessing this is Windows XP you're trying to install?

    what I usually do for SATA drivers and XP is create a new windows installation CD slipstreamed with the SATA drivers that I need.

    To do this I use software called nLite (free). Download and install the software to a PC that has a CD burner. After installing, open nLite and then point it to the Windows XP installation source (CDRom Drive). From there it'll copy the files needed from CD to your local hard drive. After it's done, you'll be shown a screen with options (like this: ) select the "Drivers" option and also "Bootable ISO" option. For now, don't worry about the other options, let's just get through this install and you can come play with the software later for better tweaking.

    Now you'll get a screen that looks like this: (without the red text of course). You'll select the "text mode drivers" bullet and then browse to where you have your .inf file that you downloaded for your SATA drivers. Add the drivers and then click next.

    Now you'll be at the end : and you'll make sure in the "Mode" section you'll select "Create Image" and then click the "Make ISO" button. Once that is finished, drop the "mode" option down and then you can tell it to burn the image you just created.

    Good Luck!
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