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    Default BootMgr Is Missing-and my disk drive doesn't work-what do I do?

    My laptop has recently been giving me alot of problems. It is a compaq and runs on windows vista. First the computer got a big virus and it ended up deleting the disk drive and didn't recognize that a disk would be in the drive anymore, and when I tried to repair it it just wouldn't let me. Then my laptop decided to go haywire again and have the keyboard not work. At first I couldn't even get imy laptop started again because it thought I was pushing a bunch of buttons at the same time. After playing around with it I would have to press all of the buttons to get it to stop thinking I was pressing the buttons and then plug in a separate keyboard. I just recently tried to get the computer to restart and go back to factory settings, when I did this the computer accidentally got shut off while it was installing and now when I try to turn it on it just says bootmgr is missing and asks me to press ctl alt delete to restart and then the same thing pops up. I've read that I should put in a recovery disk to fix it, the only problem is the disk drive doesn't recognize disks-so I do not know what to do and I am really hoping my laptop isn't fried someone pppplease help

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    Can you tell us what model of laptop you have. Compaq make lots of them.

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    You may want to try and use the following command to fix the boot options only: bootrec /fixboot Please note the space between bootrec & /. Not sure if it'll work, but in Vista, miracles do happen!

    Also see here > Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    If this doesn't help, please provide which model as arraknid has suggested.
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