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    Angry "Web cam'" problem

    An oddball problem and not likely to be solved, but here it is just in case one of you smart young people...

    When plugging in a web cam' (one of those little mini cameras that clip onto the top of your monitor) you get this message:

    "Creation of the video preview failed. Please check the device connection and make sure the device is not being used by another application or user."

    There is no other application being used, and the connection is just fine. Also, the device manager will say that the web cam' is operating perfectly. But of course when you try to use the web cam' you can't, you just get the error msg. Don't know either what "preview" the error msg is talking about.

    I did a search and this seems to be a common problem, perhaps 100 references. But not one of them offers a solution. Even at the Microsoft web site there is a reference, but their only advice (which does NOT work) is "restart the computer."

    So there it is. I won't be mad if you can't fix. Even the King of England would have difficulty with this one.
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    Hi paulandjean,
    What programs do you have running on startup? Run Highjackthis and post the log to this thread, then we can see if any are problematic.

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    As you rightly say, this is a widespread problem. It's nothing to do with another program accessing the webcam, more that the system thinks there is.

    Its cause is the flood of cheap webcams designed to run with the inherent Windows WIA or VFW architecture. That just means that the manufacturers don't need to write specific drivers. Problem is, most of them don't work very well.

    On certain models, it's possible to run on a TWAIN driver, but not all webcams will, so could you let us know what make and model webcam you have?

    The best option always is to invest a little more in the hardware and make sure there's a proper driver package with it.