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    Unhappy computer shuts down while running(intermitantly)

    My problem or should i say my computers problem is like this, starts up ok, i'am working in word pad, also have a music cd playing and monitor goes blank. then up comes what i believe is motherboard screen,at bottom of screen it says to press del to enter setup, try that , won't do anything, shut off with main power button. wait 30 sec. re-start, everything works okay for 15min. then screen goes blank again,only this time restarts it's self 3 times before it settles down and seems to be okay , until next time that is .computer is running xp 2002 version, sp3, penium 4 cpu 3.0 GHz, 992mb ram. just got computer from store used, has new mother board chip set is SiS 661FX+946L. Any idea's, thanks for the help. Going crazy in lotus land. Windows error report showed two files.
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    Sounds like the computer is Blue Screening, a fatal system error. This causes the computer to auto reboot just as you describe. Lets see if we can disable auto restart on system failure. Here is how,

    1.Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    2.Click the Advanced tab.
    3.Under Startup and Recovery , click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.
    4.Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.
    5.Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

    Now instead of rebooting or restarting, the machine should produce a Blue Screen Error. If it does, please post the Stop Error on the blue screen. It will help us to assist you better.

    Also , what Anti Virus and Firewall are installed on this computer?
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    One thing you might want to check as well is make sure all the components are seated properly in the motherboard. That is, make sure the cpu is seated completely (also check to make sure it has a proper method of cooling!), make sure the RAM is seated properly, and any peripherals like video/sound cards. Check that the cables are seated all the way as well.

    Has this problem been occurring ever since you brought the computer home, or how long have you had it before it started having these problems? If it's the former, and none of the suggestions here work, I'd suggest taking it back to the store and making THEM fix the problem. If it's the latter, well, hopefully someone here is able to provide you the answer you need, provided these suggestions already don't work. Good luck!

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