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    Default Wireless Access Point

    Hi there, need a little help.
    I would like to setup a wireless access point for a restaurant but was wondering if theres anyway of doing this my self before i go to a local company to provide the service.
    I have been research it for hours now and seem to be getting more and more confused.

    What i would like to know is if there are any tutorials or guides out there that anyone knows of, as well What equipment would i need to purchase (keeping costs as low as i can would be great)


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    We usually help home users @ Help2Go and not commercial or businesses for obvious reasons....but there is not much difference...except security and adding the IP's/MAC Addy's (Media Access Control address) to the router for the client computers

    I will mention this as a tip;
    If your wireless network needs to support more than 40 or 50 users, if your offices are spread across multiple floors, or if your office layout places some users very far away from the access point, you may need more than one access point.

    To minimize any interference with your wireless network, keep your access point away from microwaves, televisions, cordless phones, and computers. Also, place your access point in as central of a location in your office as possible for the best coverage
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