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    Angry im about to throw this pc out the window AAARRRGG!!!!!!!

    someone please help

    ok lets begin my comp is 5 years old, and was workin fine till late last year
    normal programs work internet explorer mozo and most otha basic stuff works fine
    but wen i play a game css, left 4 dead 1/2, killin floor(works but can only see enemies not friends only there names n guns and it freezes alot), command and conquer 3(offline gameplay works fine for 2 min in skirmish then starts laggin really badly), company of heroes(same as c&c) it will play fine for 2 min and then lagg on me sometimes freeze
    ive tried turnin down graphics virus scans spyware scans windows doctor driver genius
    and jus recently a whole format but nothin seems to work please help me as im about to smash my comp up its really getting to me
    thank you for any help
    here are my specs
    Pentium(R) 4 cpu 3.06ghz (single core)
    2.5gb ram (think its ddr2 i hav 4 gig but windows xp only excepts 2.5)
    windows xp home edition with sp 3
    nvidia geforce 9500gt 512mb gfx card
    160gb hard drive free space 149 gb
    405 watts power supply
    was thinking it may be gfx card but dont wanna buy untill i know for sure cos if it isnt i will buyin new one
    ohh the most important thing my pc bought from pc world 5 years ago
    upgraded to 2.5 gb ram n gfx i mentiond 2 years ago had many pc health checks but only started laggin about sept 2010

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    Not to many gamers here. I am not a gamer either. I did find an interesting thread about Lag time on Company of heroes. It may be worth your while to take a look as a lot of info and ideas are exchanged, Hopefully it may open some doors for you.

    Company of heroes lags - Nvidia - Graphic-Displays

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    Sorry i can't offer any help but i think that post desrves the post title of the year award. Throwing it out might be a good idea, a 5 year old computer is like a 20 year old car.
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    A 512mb graphics card on a computer that old is the bare minimum required for most of those games. I too play C&C on an xp machine, and have a similer NVidia Card, and i also experience lag.

    The reason for this is often overlooked.

    Think back when your computer was new.
    No service packs
    No residual files
    No updates for all your programs
    Possibly dial up?? (Mine was!)

    back then, this would have made your computer feel quick, but simply sitting infront of a newer computer makes you realise just how slow it is.
    that compiled with all the patches, updates, background processes made by everything you've put on the pc in the last 5 years etc etc makes it even slower still!

    Whilst a "Nuke and Pave" will sort some things like residual files; defragmentation and start-ups, re-adding the service packs can push the "Bulk" over the edge of the capabilities of a single core processor, and 512mb of Graphical RAM.
    Re-adding the likes of Java and Flash will also re-add their "helper" startup and background processes unless your vigilant when installing, and even then they still seem to appear!

    My first solution was to download Ccleaner, and use its startup-tool to disable the many startup items that had wormed its way into my pc, only leaving my Anti Virus and a short few other things starting at boot. We don't recmmend you use the Registry section of this tool, as it can do more harm than good!

    If your PC is only seeing 2.5GB RAM, then i don't see the point in keeping the full 4GB in there.

    A 1GB Graphics card would show an improvment, but your bottle neck seems to also include the Processor, and if your thinking of replacing both, i would opt for the whole new PC, rather than a possible motherboard change, and perhaps use the old one for a home networked challange on C&C. (me and my son have some great fun teaming up on a brutal NOD skirmish )

    Try those startup items first, along with a defragment and disk cleanup, and go from there.

    Keep us informed, we like to hear how these things go, so we can tune our advice for future enquirers!
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